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Adobe XD is one of the most widely used free tools for UI / UX design and prototyping for multiple platforms including web, mobile, tablet and others. As part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, eXperience Design offers many options and an intuitive interface. You can create and test your experience while previewing the full interface of your mobile / web application.

For those of you who are new to Adobe XD, we highly recommend that you click the Begin Tutorial button. Where you will be directed to a screen with a panel that explains the guide on how to use Adobe XD. 

This information can quickly guide you through the basics of Adobe XD applications. You will learn how to complete simple but important tasks such as creating artboards, importing images, using repeat grids and how to link artboards together for prototyping. If you’ve used the Creative Cloud application before, maybe you will notice that there are many familiar elements.

There are several main features in Adobe XD which are released to the public, especially to facilitate their performance, mobile application designers:

  • Focused design tools – These tools are used to create wireframes / frameworks, screen layouts and production, and create mockup templates for other designs.
  • Support for bringing in existing assets from Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch – This application also supports design assets from Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch.
  • fast performance – create and put together a complex design project at the same time such as website design, mobile applications, applications for tablets, and applications for smart watch without interfering with software performance
  • Prototyping tools – These tools function to define a workflow that has been created so that it is not confused with other design projects.
  • Built in sharing – This tool serves to make video recordings during the work process of our design prototype. Can also be used to share links with fellow designers through the Creative Cloud facility provided by Adobe.

The advantages of Adobe XD

Adobe XD certainly has various advantages that are very useful for mobile application designers because it can provide convenience and better workflows. Here are the advantages that can be felt:

Focused design tools

With these tools, mobile application designers create frameworks, mockups to screen layouts and production for other designs.

1# Prototyping tools

With these tools, mobile application designers can create better and more detailed and organized workflows so that when there are other design projects, they won’t interfere with each other and stay on their own path.

2# Built-in sharing

This tool allows you to record videos during the design process so that other designers can check them through the Creative Cloud feature.

3# Asset design from Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator

As you already know, Adobe has several other software which is also used for design such as Photoshop, Sketch and Illustrator. Fortunately, this platform can incorporate the design assets of the software into your project, making the job easier.

4# Fast performance

Of course, fast performance is offered, so how much work you do can run smoothly without lagging.

Disadvantages of Adobe XD

It takes the advantages of Adobe XD, but there are also the following drawbacks:

1# Difficult animation UI

Adobe XD can be tricky because there are no animation tools.

2# Copy / Paste feature

This software is also equipped with a copy paste feature in the design. However, the copy paste feature that is here makes it difficult for users because it makes it a little difficult for the performance of the designer.

3# No CSS export

With the CSS Export the users can facilitate up to 3 times the work. However, this software has not been provided with this tool because of all the shops. The Photoshop platform also uses the Zeplin plugin.

4# Live preview of the prototype

In Adobe XD you can preview directly. However, this cannot be done on Windows OS. However, it can only be done on a Mac.

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