Tips for Choosing a Niche Blog for google adsense

A blog usually has a specific niche or theme. Finding the right niche is one of the most important things when building a professional blog. There are actually many niches that can be chosen, but not necessarily suitable and profitable. Well, here are some ways to choose the right and profitable blog niche

What is a Niche Blog?

Niche is a term in blogging where it relates to a content or theme of a blog or website that someone develops where someone is discussing a particular theme or strong “topic”. In choosing the NICHE that you want to set as your Blog NICHE, of course you should need various considerations. Among the many NICHE available, you might just be confused to choose which one is the best-selling and most read by internet users. 

There are 2 reasons why choosing a niche is so important for the future of your blog:

1. If you choose the wrong niche (or don’t focus on one niche) then your blog will not grow. Maybe it can, but it can’t produce.

2. The mistake of choosing a niche will cause the content creation process to feel heavy. We are lazy to create content. so we can’t create quality content.

Therefore, if you want to create a successful blog, the guide should be and read first.

Tips for Choosing the Right Blog Niche

Here are some practical tips for determining a blog niche. Read slowly so that you should understand the context. Here are some practical tips for determining a blog niche. Read slowly so that you should understand the context. If you choose a niche with too much competition, your blog will be overtaken by high-authority websites. If you choose a smaller niche with no potential, your blog will hardly be found. You need to find a niche in the middle that can easily monetize. In this article, I will provide some practical tips on how to find a profitable niche that can drive traffic to your blog and eventually turn into how to build passive income, aka profitable income.

1# Start with what you love

Starting a blog is actually a fun process. However, over time, many gave up because they lost interest. So it is very important to choose a topic that you like as a niche blog. Choose a topic that will be fun to talk about and study. The topic you choose can be a hobby, work, or even pets. Bloggers don’t have to be experts in the topic. But the blog owner should choose a topic that makes him excited when talking about it. Try to make a list of 10 preferred blog niches, then choose the ones that are really interesting to pour into the blog.

2# What topics when talking about it you are very enthusiastic about

Choose a niche based on a topic that when you talk about it you are never bored and very enthusiastic.This could be about your job, your hobbies, or your day-to-day.In determining a blog niche, you don’t need to be an expert in that field, the important thing is that you are passionate about discussing it, so that you will have no trouble writing the content.To validate whether you are enthusiastic or not, try to write down 5 blog titles that you will write later, of course based on the topic you have chosen.For example, I am very enthusiastic when talking about Korean dramas, anime, pop music, travel, fashion.then choose the one you like the most from the category

3# Seeing trends that are or will be rising

The consumers of a blog are readers or visitors to the blog. If you want to build a blog that has a lot of visitors, you must know what netizens want. For example, his favorite topic is about reptiles. Next find out if the topic has enough interest and how competitive it is. Start by using the features found on Google Trends.

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