Tips for writing blog articles that readers love

Are you a blogger and have problems related to readership that doesn’t go up? Maybe a year or two ago, you started a blog and haven’t had a significant increase in readership so far? Of course everyone wants to have a blog that is visited by many people. Moreover, if we target the blog or site for business purposes. What’s the meaning of a blog if it’s empty of visitors?

All content creators strive to create perfect content. The goal, so that the content he creates becomes famous. Read by everyone. Whatever the background of content creation, content creators always expect the content they create to be the talk of people. In fact, few people want to write with perfect technique. Even though I am not a blogger who is good at writing, it doesn’t hurt if I share what I’ve learned. Who knows what benefits. Especially for those who feel bad writing. In this guide I will teach you how to write articles that are not boring for website visitors.

Secret How to Make Interesting Articles

Tips for writing blog

Writing quality and interesting content is an option. You can choose to allocate the time needed to work on creating quality content and building a good brand. Or you can choose to take the easy path and write slick content, choices that end up costing you because it will only waste time and energy. Indeed, writing content that attracts the visitor is very difficult, especially if we don’t have a writer’s base, the author will feel even more difficult. blogger, namely conveying good information in the form of news and information that shares knowledge for free through an article.

Use a language style that is easy to understand

Try to use a language style that is easy to understand because not all of our blog readers have the same level of intelligence. Some are smart, some are quite smart. What is a language style that is easy to understand? Using simple vocabulary, not using unclear terms

Understand the content to be discussed

This is very necessary. Because, when you don’t understand the topic or content you write, readers will feel the same way. People who really understand what he is writing are clearly far different from people who just know or, worse, are ignorant. If it feels like your content is too heavy, try to balance it by asking people who know. According to the second tip.

Target audience / readers

The target audience is one of the most important things in your writing and the language of your article. There are several target categories to be aware of:

If your article is for a child reader, use language – language that guides, educates, teaches and is animated. If the target is parents, write articles that tell about news but it must be clear and true, tips about health, and must use polite and intelligent language, not use Arabic. And for adolescent readers, write an up-to-date article, content about teenage life, romance, humor, tips about dating, that’s a topic that many young people are looking for.

Don’t write too long paragraphs

Try to keep each paragraph that you write no more than 3 lines or three sentences. Even though this may seem trivial, in my opinion it is very important because paragraphs that are too long make the eyes quickly sting.

Use Title Descriptions Well

The title or Title Tags is the first part that search engines notice when their robot starts crawling your blog. Apart from the title, the meta description or informative content description will be another important factor which is crawled by search engines. These two things will also appear on search engines, so the better and more interesting the title and description of a blog is, the more likely it is to get attention from the audience.

Always Responsive To Audience / Readers

This may seem trivial, but in fact, responding to your readers by answering their questions or comments will make readers like your blog and not hesitate to come back to your blog. Just like the affiliate concept, building relationships with fellow bloggers and readers will bring benefits for us. The number of these activities will also make your blog liked by Google.

Add Some Relevant Images

It is undeniable that adding images or illustrations to articles is one way to make your writing more preferred by Google. In addition, the visualization of your articles will also be more colorful and less monotonous with all the text. The existence of unique images and illustrations in an article can also be a potential traffic contributor because Google indexes the file on the image search page. So, if you have a photography hobby, it doesn’t hurt to take the time to specifically hunt for stock photos as article material.

Thus the information about the secrets of how to make articles that readers like. After knowing the tips, it is time for you to practice the above tips directly on your website or personal blog.

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