UX Designer Experience : Initial Hurdles While Working as a UX Designer

The Challenges of Being a UI / UX Designer You Will Face

Many people dream of becoming a UI / UX Designer. Even though being that figure is not an easy matter. Moreover, currently looking for job vacancies is quite difficult to do. Even when there are suitable vacancies, it is not uncommon for us as applicants to experience failures during the job interview process.

Share a little story, if this is your first experience in conducting a job interview process, then it’s important to know the basics of the UI / UX Designer itself. This is because HRD often conducts interviews by giving some specific questions for a UI / UX Designer. These questions include:

What is the difference between UI and UX Designer?

UI and UX Designer are different things, even if they are done by the same person. To answer these HRD questions, you can explain that the UI is more focused on the appearance of the product. Meanwhile, UX leads to the taste of the product.

What tools have you mastered to become a UI / UX Designer?

Basically, there are many types of tools that must be mastered to become a UI / UX Designer. Like Figma, Marvel, Adobe XD, Zeppin to Trello.

Are you working on UI or UX first?

When viewed from the term, UI is mentioned first compared to UX. But the answer is just wrong. Because in the process itself, you have to do research and analysis which is actually included in UX activities. This is related to the process of finding out about the taste that the prospect wants. After that, then enter the UI section related to making products with a more attractive appearance.

Apart from some of the questions above, there are also some general questions, such as how far do you know about the UI / UX Designer, how to improve your company’s UX products, how long do you have working experience in the UI / UX Designer field. , to what types of projects have been carried out.

UX Designer Experience

To answer this question, be sure to explain some important points. As is related to user experience and research, interaction design, to involve empathy in making applications or even websites. Not only that, you should also do research related to the product of the company being applied for in advance so that you can provide answers in the form of solutions desired by the HRD.

After the interview process has been successfully passed and you get a job as a UI / UX Designer, it doesn’t mean that you are free to do what you want. This is because every company has different rules and work conditions from one another. That’s why an adaptation is needed to adjust yourself better.

Constraints faced and their solutions

As a new employee, mainly working as part of the UI / UX Designer staff, of course there are many obstacles that you may face. Starting from adjustment to a given job assignment, adaptation to a different work culture, relationships with new colleagues and various types of other obstacles as well as some of the following obstacles:

Sudden deadlines

Every job is known by the deadline it has. If your work is included in the usual types of work such as administration and others that don’t require a mood, of course the existence of deadlines is not a problem. But it’s different if you act as a UI / UX Designer. Because it relates to the field of art, it takes inspiration and a good mood in the process. However, inspiration and mood itself are not things that can be forced, it is not surprising if then they affect the process. As well as the processing time which is much longer than the predetermined time. No wonder there are so many UI / UX Designers who then have problems with deadlines.

Especially if the specified deadline is stated suddenly. Lots of UI / UX Designer employees are overwhelmed by their work. It is not uncommon if the results given are not optimal or even not in accordance with what the customer wants.

Design is considered bad

As a new employee, of course, you are still in the beginner stage and have just worked on each project ordered. This often makes you do various experiments by making various designs. However, of the many designs that have been made, it is not uncommon for them to be considered bad or even not in accordance with what is desired. You get this assumption not only from customers, but also from other colleagues or even your boss at the workplace. This then becomes an obstacle and often discourages the new UI / UX Designer workers.

Customer wishes that are difficult to understand

In some cases, the obstacles of a new UI / UX Designer are also often present because of the form of communication that is not smooth. This generally occurs when you as a beginner UI / UX Designer are given the task of dealing directly with customers. Although it can add experience, this is an obstacle that can actually make it difficult for the company. Why is that? Basically, customers want to get the best service, while those of you who act as new employees certainly don’t have much experience. It is not surprising that the meeting which was held to discuss the construction project did not go smoothly. It’s not just the customer who finds it difficult to explain what he wants. Because you as a new employee at least will find it difficult to understand what the customer wants.

Incorrect design

Apart from often being given bad responses about the results of the work that has been made. It is not uncommon for the finished design to be deemed inappropriate. This makes the processing time run longer, because of course you will be asked to make a new design that is more suitable.

UX Designer Experience

To get a design that matches what the customer asks for is not an easy matter. The reason is you have to understand exactly what he wants. After that, the project work process can be done more easily.

If the design style you have is in accordance with what is requested, of course the results of the work will be accepted easily and vice versa. When the design style you have is not suitable or even very different from the customer’s taste, it will take time to revise it repeatedly. Until the appropriate work results are obtained.

Difficulty in implementing consumer desires

Although the consultation process can be done easily. However, the work itself is difficult to do. Especially for those of you who are still new employees. It is not uncommon for you to feel confused and even find it difficult to do every given task.

Because even though you master a variety of tools that can help you perform well as a UI / UX Designer. But experience is an important part that will also support the work you have. That’s why the more experience you have, the easier your job will be in implementing orders that are more in line with what the customer wants.

Customer desires don’t match your style

Another obstacle that is often felt by a UI / UX Designer is the different style or style between you as a worker and the customer who acts as the customer who places the order. The bigger the difference it has, the more difficult it will be to complete the job.

The reason is by having the same taste, of course, you will understand more easily what customers want. It’s different if your taste, style or style is different. Apart from being contradictory, it is also quite difficult for you to find common ground to complete the middle design

Difficult in sharing cooperation

In the next section you will also be faced with difficulties related to the process of sharing cooperation. Because for a UI / UX Designer, generally the tasks given are quite a lot. In fact, sometimes you have to work on several projects at the same time. This is a challenge for you to be able to finish it at the right time.

Limited budget from customer budget

Limited budget is the most classic problem and even the most faced by a UI / UX Designer. Because as you know, good quality is generally not obtained by random means and even at low prices. However, this does not mean that low prices are not of good quality.

For this one thing, you as an employee will generally be required to produce the best design even with minimal capital use. This is clearly quite difficult to do. However, if you are a creative person, even with a low budget, the results of the work done will still provide good quality.

Share Solution of every problem

Every obstacle or even other difficulty, of course, comes with the right solution. Although sometimes some solutions do not give satisfactory results. But it doesn’t hurt for you to try a variety of solutions, which include:

Provide design savings

Even though every job or assignment that is received has various requests and it differs from one another. But there is nothing wrong if you provide various types of designs that have been made. For example, for the type of design that you have created but it is not used because it is not in accordance with the task of the work received, then it doesn’t hurt to save the design and not throw it away.

Because the available savings can be very useful and even help a lot in doing various tasks or subsequent projects.

Make criticism a more motivating suggestion

If you are a beginner UI / UX Designer who gets a lot of criticism about the design work you have done, then try to be open and open-hearted. In this case, there is no need to include every criticism that vilifies your work. Because even if your work is bad or not right in the eyes of the customer. It could be that the design results will be a highly targeted part in the future.

UX Designer Experience

That’s why it’s important for you to make any criticism you receive a suggestion. Besides being able to correct the work that has been done. This method can also help you to hone skills in the UI / UX Designer field better.

Ask for help from colleagues

Another solution you can do is ask for help from colleagues. As a new employee, this seems difficult to do. Because you don’t have many close friends at work. However, by asking for help from other colleagues, besides being able to help you complete work easily. This method can also make you closer and closer to other employees.

Learn to be a more creative person

The next thing you can try to do to overcome the obstacles that are often faced when working as a UI / UX Designer is to learn to be a more creative person. Because with a high level of creativity, of course you can get a variety of inspirations easily, so that the process of doing tasks or UI / UX Design projects can be done with faster results. In addition to some of the solutions above, to make your work day better, make sure you also maintain good cooperative relationships with other colleagues. Avoid negative thoughts and consider other colleagues as competitors, because this will damage the relationship. It’s better if you think of other colleagues as guides or seniors who can guide you to a better job.

Following the steps above, it is not easy but also not difficult to do. Especially if you are a beginner who is of course actively doing various things to make your job as a UI / UX Designer feel more fun.

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