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When you are educating your kids about ATVs the first thing that you must teach your children is safety. Tell them the importance of ATV helmets because it can even save life in some dangerous situations. Your kids will of course argue that they do not need ATV helmets, as they will promise to be very careful. But it is your duty to explain to them that precautions are necessary and very useful. Also most of the states have a rule that it is a must to be wearing ATV helmets.

You have to make sure that your kids fully understand that ATV helmets can actually save life. You have to convince them that although they might be extremely careful while riding the bike, still every day is not a lucky day. There might be a chance that there is a misjudgment on the part of the other person or just a sheer slip or a skid. Thus put in to heads of your kids that ATV helmets are a must so that they are safe and sound.

Don’t be a preacher, practice what you preach. If you are yourself an ATV enthusiast, then make sure that you yourself always wear a helmet while using it. Make sure that your kids never ever see you riding without your helmet on. This will create a good example in front of your kids.

One common excuse that youths give for not wearing an ATV helmet, is the fact that it makes their hair look flat you will constantly hear young ones say that they look good on an ATV helmet, but they look unimpressive once they have taken it off. Yes it is true, but just make them realize that they would not be able to impress any one if any thing were to happen to them either.

One thing that you can do is to let the children choose their ATV helmets themselves. This way chances are less that they will find the helmet not cool. There are also high chances that they will wear it, with or without flat hair.

It is important to choose the right helmet. As helmet is the single most important ting that can save your life. It is important that your kids realize tat wearing a helmet is a wise thing to do and not something that makes them look not cool .Once they realize this fact even you can e at peace when your kids are out riding.

ATV Helmets: The Thor Brand

The most important thing in riding is safety. Most of the times, accidents may happen despite you being very careful, chances are that accidents may happen because of the other party’s fault or a misjudgment. So in order to stay protected, it is important that you protect the most important part of your body that is your head. The right way to protect your head while ATV riding is, by wearing a helmet. Now the question arises, which helmet to go for. Well, there are a lot of helmets that you can choose from. One of tem is Thor. Thor has been in the business of producing helmets, since ages. They are of top notch quality and they completely understand the needs of an ATV rider.

As we have already mentioned. Thor is the oldest in the business, and as a result, it knows the business in and out. They continuously get feedback from the satisfied and the dissatisfied customers. The best thing of Thor is that they realize that youth these days are very conscious of how they look, as a result the cameras of Thor are both safe and trendy . They come in a variety of design and colors and they satisfy the needs of all types of people, basic requirement of safety, along with providing the safety.

Thor fans all over know that Thor cares for them. Thor understands their customers and comes up with products that are well suited for them. In case you are low won budget, then still you can choose from a large array of low priced products. These products are not pricey, but are still safe. If you have a lot of money to dispose, then you can choose from an even larger variety of helmets.

Now before you finalize your purchase, make sire that the helmet fits nicely on your face. It should frame your face and not squeeze it or be uncomfortable. It is also advisable that you take feedback from the people who have already tried on Thor helmets, this way you can make a better and informed decision.

You van check out all the trendy and the newest Thor helmet at the Raceway ATV. Raceway ATV is the worlds leading online store. It has all the accessories that you will need. So go on do not wait and get yourself a new safe and cool helmet.

ATV Helmets: Buying The Perfect Helmet

In most of the states in the US, you are required to wear an ATVC helmet. But despite t5his norm, there are a lot of people who do not know how to differentiate between a good and a bad ATV helmet. Most of the people believe that price and brand are the only two factors that are an indicator of hoe safe the helmet is. While these two factors may be important but these two are not the only indicators that determine the safety of a helmet. 
There are different types of helmets available for diffren6t uses. The helmets for motorbikes are almost technically same as that of other helmets, but still it is preferred that you buy a helmet that is meant specifically for ATV users or off road riding. ATV helmets have certain features that are different from the regular helmets. An ATV helmet covers most part of the face and it also has a material under the chin to provide safety. Along with that ATV helmets provide the maximum ventilation.
The amount of padding on the helmet determines how comfortable it will be to wear it. Some people have a wrong notion that the amount of padding on the helmet determines the safety of the helmet. But this sadly is not true. The padding does not help in any resistance during a crash, but a well padded helmet means that it does not itch or scratch against your ear and chin area.
When ever you are buying an ATV helmet, it is important tat you check on the certification. Never buy a helmet that dose not have a DOT Snell certification. It might cost you a bit more but to ensure your safety, it is important that you buy a helmet that is DOT Snell certified. When you buy a pair of jeans what d you do? Well don’t you try it on to check if it fits you well? You do check if you are comfortable in that pair of jeans. Same is the case when you are buying an ATV helmet. Make sure that it fits you well. Also most importantly check that you are comfortable wearing that. Never buy an uncomfortable helmet as you will never wear it again when you are riding. Also move around your head on wearing the helmet and check if it still stays in position. Once you are satisfied of all these things then you can go ahead and buy the helmet.

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