Krokot id Banana - Krokot Tumpuk

Krokot Banana

Kerajaan Plantae
Divisi Magnoliophyta
Kelas Magnoliopsida
Ordo Caryophyllales
Famili Portulacaceae
Portulaca L.

Perkiraan Harga Rp. 500/batang
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Cara penanaman : 
  1. Sediakan media tanam (me : sekam bakar, tanah Lembang dan tanah bekas bakar) bisa jg dgn pupuk kandang
  2. Tancapkan stek batang ke media tanam yg sudah basah
  3. Siram tanaman setiap pagi/sore
  4. Letakan di bawah sinar matahari full sepanjang hari
  5. Krokot kamu akan subur dan berbunga banyak

Informasi Tambahan : 
  • Tanaman ini wajib re-plant (tanam ulang)4 bulan sekali..
  • Caranya potong/potek batangnya buang akar2 tuanya agar bergenerasi baru dan tanam lg seperti biasa,,
  • Pupuk lah dgn NPK seminggu sekali, takaran 1 sendok makan NPK (me: NPK grower) dilarutkan 5 liter air (beli di toko2 online lebih murah)
  • Jika krokot kesayangan kamu kedatangan tamu yg tak diharapkan kan, usir dgn pestisida alami (liat di YouTube) ato pestisida kimia (me : curaccon)
  • Jika akar terserang jamur bisa pakai fungida (beli di toko online/pertanian ad)
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Wedding Timeline Design App - Enjoy your Wedding Moment


Every couple who intends to get married, of course, goes through a process that is accompanied by various goals of marriage that they want to achieve together. The purpose of marriage makes this sacred bond clear.

In addition, the goals of marriage can also be the key to avoiding failure in marriage. Indeed, the intent or purpose of each person's marriage is sometimes the same, but there are also different ones.

Are you looking for a React Native developer who converts the Figma UI designs into React Native Mobile applications? If yes, you're in the right place.

Figma to React Native Mobile Application

I will convert any Figma, xd, PSD, design to react native mobile app. I'm Usama, a React Native Mobile Application developer with over 2 years of experience. Therefore, you have a good opportunity to work with a good React Native Mobile Application developer at a reasonable price. I have developed 100+ Static Mobile Application screens from Figma, XD, or PSD design to React Native.

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Wedding Invitation Design for Android and IOS - Free Download


Marriage is a sacred bond, for that you cannot just do it. The scholars even stipulate a number of laws on the implementation of marriage based on a person's situation and condition, with the aim of being able to achieve good and harmonious relationships.
Have an awesome idea which you want to convert into a reality? What are you waiting for you are at the right place. My name is Usman, and we are TechXpert Dynamics. A team of well organized and highly skilled iOS Developer, Android Developer and Corss Platform Mobile App Development team.

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Wedding Mobile App Cute Design - Free Download for ANdroid and IOS


Family life or pursuing married life is a reasonable and healthy hope and intention of every young person and teenager during their development and growth. This hope is felt to be even brighter and the urge is stronger when they are physically in good health and already have other things that support life when they have a family, such as having a steady job, already having a desirable candidate, and so on.

We are a team of more than 20 expert developers and designers. This gig will provide you with a cross-platform, top-notch application with an attractive design (user interface) for your business. In this modern era where the total number of mobile users is much more than desktop users, having a mobile phone presence of your business is of utmost necessary as it can help in capturing potential leads and increases the overall growth of the business. 

We stand out from our competition due to our experience in both Application Development and Graphic Designing which results in a highly functional modern app with an attractive interface for both Android and IOS platforms. 

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Special Event Design App for Wedding - Free Download Android and IOS

A wedding reception is a party that is held after a religious wedding ceremony has taken place. The reception plays an important role because this is where the families of the groom and bride can build a closer relationship. The wedding reception is a venue for social interaction for the bride and groom, their families and guests.

Purpose and objectives

The purpose of the reception is to give and share the happy news of the wedding of the two brides and groom to relatives or family, as well as a form of our gratitude to God Almighty.

Execution time

Basically, marriages are carried out only with a contract for those who are Muslim, but now many have held marriages carried out with a contract and a wedding reception, either carried out sequentially on the same day or on different days.
The best time to carry out the reception is after the ceremony.

We are a team of more than 20 expert developers and designers. This gig will provide you with a cross-platform, top-notch application with an attractive design (user interface) for your business. In this modern era where the total number of mobile users is much more than desktop users, having a mobile phone presence of your business is of utmost necessity as it can help in capturing potential leads and increases the overall growth of the business. 
We stand out from our competition due to our experience in both Application Development and Graphic Designing which results in a highly functional modern app with an attractive interface for both Android and IOS platforms. 

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Wedding Gallery Application for Mobile Phone + Enjoy Sharing Moment


Everyone who is going to carry out a wedding will certainly spend a lot of effort to plan a wedding so that it runs smoothly. Of course, every couple expects the best events and plans, right? Even though sometimes you will rely on the Wedding Organizer and even the Photographer.

Sometimes making a photo shoot list to serve as a wedding memento will have to be done by a couple later. Besides that, this will also make it possible that you will get the desired image and make the job easier for the photographer because they already have the instructions planned. If you're not the type of person who likes to style in front of the camera, there are some wedding photo ideas and recommendations so you don't get stiff.

If you are looking for Mobile App Development (IOS, Android, Hybrid, Native), you are at the right place. I am a professional android developer and IOS app developer to develop high quality mobile apps for android and iPhone apps development. I can also develop a web based admin panel for your mobile app development.

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Wedding Timeline App Design for Androis and IOS - Creative Invitation


Invitations are the shape and mirror of your wedding party. You certainly don't want the opportunity to get together on this happy day to be wasted because of a problematic invitation card and make the people you hoped to attend fail to come to the party.

For those of you who want to get married, there's nothing wrong if everything is carefully prepared. One of them is the invitation card that will be sent. Of course, the invitation cards that are made are expected to convey clear information about who is getting married, where and when the wedding day takes place.

I am a professional software engineer with over 3 years of coding experience in building responsive mobile (IOS and Android), web, and desktop applications. Throughout my coding career, I have created numerous mobile applications (IOS and Android), ERP applications for grocery stores, supermarkets, and pharmacies, as well as some websites.

I am curious about programming, especially in creating mobile applications.

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Wedding App Design for Android and IOS - Free Download


A memorable wedding is the dream of every couple who wants to get married. There are many things that can make your wedding memorable, one of which is the realization of the wedding invitation that you have always dreamed of.

Even though it has a function as a tool to convey all information about your wedding to all invited guests, invitations also function as a picture of your own wedding party. For example, what is the concept of your wedding, are there any special requirements if you want to attend your wedding, and so on. Therefore, you should not carelessly choose invitations.

Looking for a professional Flutter App Development team for your Mobile or Web Application? You are in the right place. I am Working with Tech Startups and Companies from the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, Africa & South Africa for a long time. Offered Services: Mockup/UI Design to the mobile app. mobile app development, Flutter Widgets, Flutter Bug Fix, Android APP, IOS APP, WEB APP, and Mobile App.

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Simple Ways to Get Many Likes on FB Status

Facebook is the king of social media. Everyone who uses social media other than Facebook is starting to switch to Facebook. Facebook is so well-known because its features in it are more complete and easier to use than other social media.

Even though Facebook has started to lose many users, it turns out that there are still very many people who use Facebook. Even though it is not the main social media, long-time Facebook users are still opening their accounts again.

Often post on Facebook but the likes you always get are few, friends? Then, what's wrong? If you experience this, don't be sad just yet. There are several ways you can do to get lots of likes on Facebook.

  • Tahu Waktu Optimal untuk Posting
  • Gunakan Foto yang Bagus
  • Hindari Membuat Status Terlalu Panjang
  • Membuat Grup Facebook
  • Mengetahui Frekuensi Postingan
  • Follow Influencer
  • Cara Auto Like FB dengan Aplikasi
  • Cara Memanfaatkan Like Facebook untuk Bisnis

I am a professional social media manager. I have been working on social media platforms since 2016. I have promoted more than 5000 Facebook pages. if you are looking for organic growth of your business page or fan page. then you have a golden chance now to grow up your Facebook page. I will increase your fb page Followers / likes with full engagements. so that more people will get more interaction on your Facebook. I will do Fb promotion on Your Fb page worldwide manually. Also, I prioritize your targeted country.  

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How to Make Bold Posts on Facebook

Have you ever seen statuses or comments that contain bold or italic letters on your Facebook homepage? actually, to make it you need a trick or a way to make bold writing on Facebook. Check out the tutorial in this article. Facebook, which has always existed or has many users until now, often makes new things, Facebook also continues to update features for users that make users feel more comfortable using Facebook.

Examples are the Story feature, Comments in Bold/italics, unique Facebook names, and other features. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't yet have the option to make writing bold or italic in the status or in the Facebook comments themselves.

Make Bold Fonts on Facebook with the Help of Codes

How to make the first bold on Facebook by adding certain HTML code.

  1. The first step, of course, is to open a Facebook account by logging in as usual.
  2. Then make a status or text which is then added with the code @@[0:[0:1:Content of your writing]].
  3. The contents of your writing can be replaced with the desired status or writing.

Then just send it directly, and the text will automatically change to bold or bold.

Make Bold Fonts on Facebook Using YayText

What is YayText? YayText is a text or writing converter website. You can make bold text here. Besides that, there are also many online fonts such as Bold Serif, Bold Sans, and so on.

  1. The first step you can open then visits the site.
  2. On the start page, there is a three line icon in the upper left then click it. Then find and click the text style called "Bold".
  3. Then you can start entering what text you want to make bold in the "your text" column.
  4. When you have finished entering text, select "copy" which is located on the right side so you can copy the text.
  5.  The final step, you just have to open Facebook and paste or copy and paste the text from the YayText earlier. By pressing the send or share button, your writing will be bold or bold.
I am a Digital Marketing Professional specializing in Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Tiktok ads. I have +3 years of experience in Digital Marketing and I've worked for +20 infoproducers, e-commerces, and local businesses around the world.

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How to make colorful writing on WhatsApp (WA) to make messages more beautiful

Not just sending messages with the usual format. This application also provides features to make text bold, underline, and make italics. In fact, WhatsApp users can also make colorful writing so that the messages sent can be more interesting.

However, to make colorful writing on WA, users still need a number of additional applications, such as Fancy Text, Blue Text, Text Art, and WhatBlue Text.How to Make Colored Writing on WhatsApp

1. Fancy Text application

Here's how to make colorful writing on Whatsapp using the Fancy Text application:

  • Download the Fancy Text application via the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • After the download process is complete, open the application and make the writing you want.
  • Next, click the gear icon to open the Settings menu. Here, you can change the color as well as change the font size.
  • When finished editing, click on the three-dot icon and select the Share option.
  • Then select the WhatsApp application, and select the contact to which you will send the colored text.

2. The BlueText application

Here's how to make colorful writing on Whatsapp using the Blue Text application:

  • Download the Blue Text Application via the Google Play Store.
  • Open the application, then type the word or sentence that you want to change the color of.
  • Next, press and hold the Copy icon next to the post to copy your post to the clipboard.
  • Then open the WhatsApp application and open the contact to which you will send the colored text.
  • Place the text that you copied earlier by pressing and holding it in the Message Type column. Then select the Paste or Message option.
  • Finally, you just send the message as usual.

3. WhatsBlue Text application

Here's how to make colorful writing on Whatsapp using the WhatsBlue Text application:
  • Download the WhatsBlue Text application via the Google Play Store.
  • After that, open the application and select Start Writing.
  • Write the sentence or word you want to write in the Input Text field.
  • After you finish writing the text, various color options will appear that you can choose according to your heart's desire.
  • Click the Blue Arrow icon in the right corner to share it.
  • Finally, select the WhatsApp application to share the text.

4. Text Art application

Here's how to make colorful writing on Whatsapp using the Text Art application:
  • Download the Text Art application via the Google Play Store.
  • Open the application and write the sentence or word you want in the Submit Text column.
  • After you finish writing the text, click Ok and you can also edit the writing, such as changing the font type, changing the color of the writing, adding a background, and many other editing features.
  • Next, select the Send To WhatsApp option in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Finally, select the contact to whom you will send the unique text, and send the message as usual.
Today I'm going to Talk about Our own custom WhatsApp SMS sender Bot, Whatsapp Marketing & Bulk Sender Bot. Our newly developed bulk sender can resolve all of your Marketing & customer & Updates sending issues. By using our software you can send bulk SMS, promotion messages, Newsletters, Announcements, Product updates & Much more to all of your Customers and Targeted audience on WhatsApp.

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Wedding App For Mobile Application Design - Free Download

When it comes to marriage, everyone has their own desires and dreams, regardless of whether they can be realized or not. Every couple definitely wants the best and tries to give the maximum to their invited guests.

Starting from the budget, wedding dress, decorations, invitations, uniforms, souvenirs, and performers, to the details, you will definitely be prepared as well as possible. Even more so if you prepare everything yourself without the help of a wedding organizer.

Hello, I am Labonno a certified UI UX designer. I can create the user interface for an app, website, or other interactive media.


As a designer, I always try to learn new things. I'm always looking for new ways to challenge myself and improve. And most importantly I design to solve problems.


  • Modern & Unique UI (Mobile & Web)
  • Mobile app UI (in PNG)
  • Editable source files (in XD or in Figma)
  • App prototypes
  • Great quality and guaranteed satisfaction
  • 24/7
  • Fast Delivery


  • Details discussion about your requirements for the project
  • Description of the screens to be designed
  • Your app design choices (if any)
  • Logos & Color Preferences
  • Your Target Audience & Competitors
  • Wireframes (if you have any)

Final deliverable files for a mobile app / UI UX design:

Figma & Adobe XD

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Left Menu For Mobile Application Design - Free download Androin and Ios


Menus are a common user interface component in many types of applications. To provide a familiar and consistent user experience, you should use APIs to present actions and other options to users in activities.

Starting with Android 3.0 (API level 11), Android devices no longer need to provide a separate Menu button. With this change, Android apps should migrate away from dependencies on the traditional 6-item menu bar, and instead provide an app bar to present traditional user actions.

Although the design and user experience for some menu items has changed, the semantics for defining a set of actions and options are still based on the API.

Are you looking for a Mobile App UI UX Designer to make your mobile app stand out from the crowd and provide a better user experience?

I believe you should end here. You've come to the right place, I believe!

I am a professional mobile app ui ux/ website ui ux designer for the past 6 years for clients all around the globe (Especially in Figma design). I feel this makes me the right person to handle your project whether it be an android app or ios app design.

Here's what you can expect from my gig.

  • Developer-Friendly Source File.
  • Ios/Android Material Design (when required)
  • User Research
  • Analysis with competitor apps
  • PNG/PDF files and Design Assets
  • Prototype Link

 What I need from you before working on your project:

  • Complete and clear details about the project
  • App Logo (if you have any)
  • Mobile app wireframes (if you have any)
  • Your Favorite color scheme

Click Continue to get started. Kindly contact me before placing an order so that we can discuss your requirements.

I'll look forward to working with you.

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Share Moment Design For Mobile App - Android and IOS


Social media is a platform with facilities that enable its users, in this case, the community, to carry out social activities. This social activity can be like communication as social interaction by sending or providing information, sharing photos and videos, and so on according to the facilities they have.

Basically, social media is part of development due to technological advances, in this case, the internet. The internet, which emerged several decades ago, has succeeded in making social media grow rapidly, even growing with all the new facilities or benefits provided to its users.

It has continuously developed to the extent that it has expanded due to the rapid development of the internet to date. That's why many users are connected only by using the internet, all kinds of information can be obtained and processed easily and then distributed throughout the world.

Mobile Applications are widely used nowadays and having an attractive and User Friendly Mobile app UI can help you gain more users for your mobile application.

You found the right person to make app design prototypes.

I will create unique, professional, modern, and user friendly Mobile App UI for any type of application that will attract more and more users.

As a UI UX Designer, my responsibility is to deliver a product that you and your app users would love.

  1. User Friendly Design.
  2. Adobe XD, Figma or PSD layered file.
  3. High Res Screens Design in PNG or JPG.
  4. Interactive Prototype in adobe xd.

Feel free to inbox me for discussion before placing an order.

Thank You !

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How does Whatsapp look offline even though it's online?


The first way to make WhatsApp offline even though it is online is through the privacy settings. This is WhatsApp's newest feature to hide the 'online' status that appears in chat rooms or chat rooms.

Here's how:

  1. Open the WhatsApp application from the device
  2. Click on the three-dot icon at the top right
  3. Select Settings
  4. Click Account 
  5. Select Privacy
  6. Click the Last Seen and Online menus
  7. On the Who Can See My Last Seen menu, tick Nobody (no one can see the last seen status).
  8. On the Who Can See When I'm Online menu, check Same as Last Seen. This means that the online status of your account is Nobody, that is, it cannot be seen by anyone.
  9. Until this stage, the online status on your WhatsApp has been successfully hidden and offline.
Those are some ways to make WA look offline even though it's online on Android and iPhone phones that you can try right away.

I'm a professional bot developer running an Agency, having years of experience in developing a platform-based and custom chatbot for all social media platforms that include Whatsapp, facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter, website chatbots, etc.

Wondering how a chatbot can help you?
  1. Save your time with automation
  2. Lead Generation (At a lower cost)
  3. Make sequences and funnels
  4. Generate sales/traffic on your business.

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How to create an online store on Facebook with Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce creation platform for businesses to create online stores independently without the need to learn coding or programming. The easy and practical way to use Shopify makes this application very suitable for businesses of all sizes be it small, medium, or large scale businesses.

To create an online store on Facebook with Shopify is as follows:

  1. Open the official website from Shopify at the following url link: After the page opens, all you have to do is click "free trial" if you want to register and create a new account on this platform.
  2. Enter your email account in the box provided and tap the "Get Started" option, please wait until a pop-up appears on the screen.
  3. Please fill in the password again, email along with the store name. When filling out the e-mail, you should make sure the account is still active, because some of the offers on Shopify will be sent via e-mail.
  4. There are 2 options offered by Shopify, the first option is an online store while the second option is a retail store. Please select only one, then proceed by clicking “Next”.
  5. Enter your name, cellphone number, and address starting from. After everything is filled in, tap "Next" if you want to continue creating an online store.
  6. There are 5 product type options, in this example, for example, you will offer digital products. Please select "Enter my Store"
  7. From here, you have successfully owned an online store on Facebook, to see it tap the newly created “View your Website”. Next, create an online store on Facebook.
  8. On the menu, just select "Apps" besides the Facebook Apps Store, you can also create a blog by clicking "blog".
  9. Continue by clicking “visit the app store”, after that, you will be asked to connect Shopify with your Facebook account.
  10. After that, you have to install Facebook Store Apps from Shopify, how to tap "Install Facebook Store".
  11. Please connect your account with Shopify.
  12. Click the “Add a facebook store” option then select which fanpage you will install the Facebook Apps Store on.
  13. Make Facebook Store settings, from here you can set the layout, cover image, as well as add Google Analytics. The goal is to see the number of visitors in the Facebook Store.

Want to start a Shopify store? Do you know, 95% of Shopify Websites are deemed to fail as they are just following the years-old techniques. Meanwhile, we and most of our clients have been earning in passive income every day for years!

If you are willing to start and grow your Shopify Dropshipping store, then look no further.

Why Work With Me?
  • Turnkey Shopify Store - With the right product selection, converting websites and marketing resources.
  • Years of experience - Just by following my guidance you can skip all the mistakes that took me years to earn with dropshipping.
  • Lifetime Support - Dropshipping is a Journey, I will give 100% free support even after the launch so you are not alone.
  • 100% Satisfaction - My reviews say it all. With over 5,000 orders we are the biggest in the Shopify industry.
What you'll get?
  1. Mobile-Friendly, fully working Shopify website from scratch.
  2. Add Winning Products with fast shipping
  3. SEO-friendly Titles for Free Traffic
  4. Must-have apps to grow your store
  5. GA integration, FAQ & other pages
  6. Unique Brand Logo
Don't waste your time and life working for others when you can do wonders yourself!

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21+ Ways to Get Money from Facebook - Simple Tutorial


Along with the development of the times, now, social media is not only used to share messages, photos, and videos. Many people have used social media as a place to make money.

Founded in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is one of the social media with the most monthly active users (MAU), which is around 2.89 billion people. This large number of MAU certainly provides great potential for everyone to earn income through the Facebook platform.

There are many ways that anyone from any background can make money on Facebook. For more details, come on, read the complete way to make money from Facebook below!

  1. Selling on the Facebook group
  2. Take advantage of Facebook Fanpage to sell
  3. Utilizing the Facebook Fanpage to attract traffic to the website
  4. Create a Facebook group
  5. Create Facebook Ads
  6. Try monetizing your fanpage
  7. Connecting your Shopify to Facebook Fanpage
  8. Manage other people's Facebook accounts
  9. Provide Sponsorship or Paid Promote Services
  10. Become influencers
  11. Collaborating with Companies or Brands
  12. Creating Interesting Content While Monitoring The Latest Trends
  13. Create a Group with Paid Membership or Paid Members
  14. Open deposit service
  15. Live Streaming Games
  16. Attract Visitors with the Facebook Like Feature
  17. Using the Facebook Watch Feature
  18. Installing Ads in Videos with the YouTube Partnership Program
  19. Using Monetization Features in Facebook Creator Studio
  20. Selling Fan Accounts
  21. Become a Buzzer

Facebook Business Page is very important for all kinds of Business. It helps a Business to Reach the top position in the online Sector. You can Brand your Website, Product, Service, etc by Creating a Facebook Business Page. You can find Extra Customers and visitors through the Business Page.

  • Professional Looking Business Page or FB fan Page.
  • Set up full Business Page Mobile Phone and Computer Friendly. 
  • Design Business related Logo.
  • Design Business-related Attractive Cover Photos.
  • Creating FB Page and Group.
  • Creating an Online Store and E-commerce.
  • Setting up analytics.
  • Adding Website address.
  • Tabs Settings.
  • Keywords Settings.
  • Adding information about your Business.
  • Adding up a business-related template.
  • Make 5-20 Posts.
High-Quality Service.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

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Login Design UI UX for Android and ios Mobile App + Free Download


Login is a process to enter into an online service that contains a name and password. Currently, the login page can be done on website pages or applications. Technically, at this time, logging in can be done in various ways, starting from using email and cellphone numbers, or you can also use social media that is integrated into the system.

Login also called "logon" or "sign in" is a term in terms of computer security, which is in the form of an entry process for users to access computer systems. Login is intended to set the identification process. The minimum login process consists of a username/user account and password to get access rights.

Both the username and password when used to log in must be correct, don't make a typo, because the two are interrelated and cannot be separated.

Are you looking for a professional UX/UI mobile app designer to create an engaging and user-friendly app for your business or idea?

I have a strong track record of creating intuitive and visually appealing mobile apps that drive user engagement and increase conversions. We use a data-driven approach to understand the needs of your target audience and design an app that meets those needs.

Desire: Imagine having a beautifully designed app that is easy to navigate and use, with a user experience that keeps your customers coming back for more. That's exactly what we'll deliver with my UX/UI design services.

I will provide you with a supported resolution. I am familiar with IOS and Android Native and Hybrid as well.

My services are:

  • Mobile App Design
  • App UI Design
  • E-commerce App
  • Business Apps
  • Web Apps
  • UX/UI Design Apps
  • Mobile UI Design
  • Educational Apps and others
  • xd source files
  • Better User experience
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • JPG or PNG image-type
  • Figma source files
  • Friendly Customer Support
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Quick Response

Before you place an order. Please contact me first to discuss the project. I will deliver my best.

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Timeline Mobile app Design Like Facebook - Amazing Idea


Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing that uses social media and websites to market business products or services through paid and organic means. This marketing can interact directly with customers, resolve questions and complaints, announce new products and services, get feedback and recommendations, and build customer communities.

Social media marketing will involve several activities, such as building a presence on social networks, spreading brand awareness, engaging customers through uploaded content and increasing ROI (Return of Investment) conversions, driving traffic to websites, and so on. Choosing a social media marketing platform is also important. This is because it relates to the suitability of the target market that has been made. Thus, the success of the marketing strategy that has been created will be related to the social media marketing platform used.

Business development requires strong data analysis from social media marketing. Data analysis was carried out, such as engagement and reach coverage analysis, target market, and so on. It would be nice to run social media marketing to be able to integrate big data management.

Are you in search of a professional UI/UX design for your mobile app? You have come to the right place. I'm a professional UI/UX designer with 10+ years of experience building iOS and Android mobile apps that delight users. I will create high quality interactive UI/UX designs for your mobile app using Figma.

I have an additional service for creating unique app icons. I can also create the necessary app store screenshots for publication in the App Store and Google Play.

What you will get:

  • Apps made taking the requirements of Human Interface Guidelines or Material Design;
  • High quality, rich and pixel perfect mobile app UI/UX as per 2021 trend;
  • Source Files in Figma
  • Free Font
  • Exported screens in .png, .jpg, .pdf
  • Quick Response
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

What do I need from you?

I need you to give me the following description before placing an order:

  • Application platform;
  • Any reference mobile apps you like/dislike;
  • Brand guidelines;
  • Vector logotype. However, if your logo is not available, I can do a creative logo for you;
  • Your application content/copy.

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How to Convert ADOBE XD or PSD to Responsive XML Layout + Free Download Example


How to make an application now can be done simply without the need to go through a complicated process. Anyone can create and own their own applications thanks to the support of outstanding tools. Applications that can be made this simple are usually intended for Android-based devices. That is the reason why there are more applications that are compatible with Android-based devices than iOS-based devices, for example.

On the other hand, creating simple applications like this is often done by those who are studying or exploring the world of software. Creating simple applications is indeed the initial process before developing more complex applications such as for desktop devices.

Hi, I am a Professional Android Developer having 2 Years of Experience in the Development of Android applications and completed 20+ Projects on Several Marketplaces. I have a good understanding of Object-Oriented Programming, Databases, and Software Development Lifecycle. Always care about My Clients because as a Freelancer Customer Satisfaction is my First Priority. 

I Converted 10's of designs into a Responsive android XML layout.

I will convert any PSD, XD, FIGMA, and SKETCH UI design into a Responsive android layout and Java code for your Application.

My Services:

  1. Convert psd, xd, Figma, and sketch ui design to android xml layout.
  2. Beautiful animation for your app
  3. Designing layout for any device(Smartwatch, Tv, and Tablet)
  4. Well commented code, easy to modify.

As clearly mentioned in my profile Client Satisfaction is my first priority.

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Notification Design App + UI/UX Free Download


Notification is a form of a notification addressed to application users. The existence of notifications on the application has a role to send important messages to the user, especially when the user's device is in an off-screen state or when the user is not using the application. One of the uses of notifications can be implemented in buying and selling applications to notify sellers of incoming orders or to notify buyers of the travel status of the products they have purchased. Seeing these problems, it can be concluded that a notification feature is needed in the Android-based KiosRakyat buying and selling application. The KiosRakyat application is a digital marketing application that connects kiosk owners (retailers) with consumers in real-time. The notification system in this application is built using the Java programming language using the MySQL database and Retrofit API and using the Firebase Cloud Messaging service. Notifications built into the KiosRakyat application are aimed at retail users and consumer users. Notifications received by retailers are incoming order notifications shortly after consumers buy products at retailer kiosks and order notifications are completed shortly after consumers receive the products purchased. Meanwhile, notifications received by consumers are product delivery status notifications which are divided into packaged order notifications, sent/ready-to-pick-up order notifications, and order notifications that have arrived at the consumer's location.

Hi. I'm a Graphics & UI/UX designer since 2017. I specialize in Mobile App design, Website design, and Software design. Providing high-quality services on Fiverr to my clients with 100% satisfaction. My focus is to listen attentively, understand project requirements, and deliver a masterpiece accordingly.

Feel free to reach out to me so we can start discussing your next project!

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Online Store Screen Design Mobile App + UI/UX Design Mobile Store


An online shop is an online shopping system where buyers can ask prices or any questions related to products to sellers directly, either via BBM, LINE, Facebook, Instagram, or Whatsapp.

While the Marketplace is a business model in which the website in question not only helps promote merchandise but also facilitates online money transactions. a website provides land or a place for sellers to sell their products.

Even though it is slightly different, the e-commerce shopping system is almost the same as the marketplace, in that the buyer only has to select the desired item on a website, then click the "buy" button and transfer the price listed. The difference is in e-commerce, the goods or products sold come from the website itself. He did not open land or a place for other sellers to sell their products. There is no haggling and the price given is the fixed price.

Someone doesn't have to bother leaving the house to buy the things they need, just by looking at the products of an E-Commerce-based online shop, they can easily get what they need without having to bother queuing. And this online transaction can be done 24 hours.

We use modern User Interface trends intended everywhere to satisfy users' aesthetic requirements and provide them with a high level of usability along with Figma source files.

Our Services include:

  • Highly Professional and Unique Design
  • 100% Support
  • Advance UX Mobile Apps Design
  • Mobile-Friendly websites and landing pages
  • E-commerce with various payment methods
  • Websites for All professions
  • Newsletter subscription, Mailing lists
  • Tailored Websites

What would we need from you?

  • Wireframes (Screenshots or Rough Sketches are welcome)
  • Proper Introduction to your project
  • Your brand guidelines
  • Colors Palette if you have one

Final file delivery: 

-Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (AI), Sketch, Figma or XD source files

If you are not sure about the package, please send us a message, and we will provide the best solution :)

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