What kind of Professionals does the Fintech Revolution needs?

Engineers, computer scientists, financial specialists, and sales representatives cohabit in new financial start-ups. The sector's future looks bright, and it offers opportunities to people from a wide range of backgrounds. The number of fintech startups is increasing. Personal processes are handled via sites such as, Finizens, and Wallo. 

Others are experts in the field of investing. This is the situation with Tradertwit and La Bolsa Virtual. There are also individuals who act as new counselors or financial comparators, and many of them even provide loans. According to the Spanish Fintech and Insurtech Association, there are only a few more than 300 fintech companies in Spain (Aefi). However, not just start-ups distinguish out in this industry. 

Large financial organizations are also developing specialist services. A growth that results in the creation of jobs and the need for new professionals. "We are in the midst of a revolution, and specialists will continue to be needed as new goods are produced. Opportunities are available for both technical and non-technological profiles "explains Duarte Lebanon, Ebury's general director for Spain and Portugal.


Engineers and computer scientists are in high demand for technical positions. They are responsible for the development of the platforms as well as connecting various locations. Cybersecurity professionals, software engineers, cloud computing experts, and API specialists are all required.

Big data experts, such as data scientists and data engineers, fall somewhere in the middle. Mathematicians, statisticians, and physicists who are proficient in new platforms are typically among them. They deal with the analysis and interpretation of data in order to make better decisions.

Experts with Strong Analytical Skills are in High Demand in this Field!

The fact is that the distinction between technology and non-technological components is getting increasingly hazy. There is a demand for hybrid profiles, but they may be difficult to obtain. The goal is to form interdisciplinary teams "says Pablo Gasalla, Aefi's vice president. 

As an example, Mónica Guardado, general director of Afi School of Finance, remembers "Because this is the fintech industry, there is a need for financiers who understand the business behind organizations that provide this sort of service. They must be able to reimagine conventional formulas and grasp the jargon of more technical people.”

Similarly, user experience specialists who understand the various communication channels are required; digital marketing professionals with analytical skills; lawyers specializing in compliance who understand current legal particularities as well as future legal challenges so that the business evolves; and commercials with strong communication skills to sell and publicize new products or services. 

Furthermore, we must remember that this is a very inventive business, thus all profiles must be strong in abilities such as creativity and problem-solving aptitude.

The Road to Become the Greatest in Finance!

The 'fintech' business of the next decade will be nothing like the one we have now. This industry is booming, and it needs people who are always gaining new skills. According to Rodrigo Garca de la Cruz, head of the IEB's 'Innovation and Financial Technology Program,' "Technological roles necessitate employees with technical knowledge, but with a financial background. 

For the remaining roles, commercial and sector specialists from several verticals are sought (loans, risks, currencies, etc.). The training must be relevant to today's digital environment." In this regard, taking hybrid programs in terms of innovation, technology, and finance is recommended to become an expert in the 'fintech' industry. Despite the need for these types of profiles, specialist training programs are still missing in many countries. 

The IEB's Executive Program in Digital Banking, Innovation, and Financial Technology, on the other hand, stands out. San Pablo CEU University has also entered this industry with the Digital Finance and Fintech curriculum. Similarly, the data analytics plans are intriguing. As a result, Afi School of Finance provides a Master's degree in data science and big data in finance, whereas Cunef teaches a Master's degree in data science in finance. 

Junior Profiles have the Ability to Further their Careers!

Many start-ups' serve as a stepping stone for people seeking their first employment. 'Fintech' enterprises may brag about creating some of the most promising job paths in the entrepreneurial environment. According to Ebury's 'Perception and Expectations of Employees,' 46.5 percent of professionals report feeling "extremely happy." Similarly, 84 percent believe that working in these firms will help them advance in the labor market. 

The ability to achieve tremendous development in a dynamic atmosphere, the ease of obtaining quicker professional progress, accessing specialist information, and networking are among the primary causes for this well-being. Historically, 'start-ups' have had difficulty acquiring people because they cannot compete with the compensation paid by large corporations. However, it appears that 'fintech' is overcoming this issue. 

According to the report, more than 94 percent of those polled believe that 'fintech' provides young people with a well-paid experience when compared to other industries. Employees like the horizontal structure of these enterprises as well, citing cooperation, accountability, and mastery of English as crucial abilities for working in these firms. In comparison to other industries, more than 94 percent of those polled believe that fintech provides a well-paid experience for young people.

The Bottom Line

As a result, we can clearly see that strong finance and economic background is required by students who want to achieve a successful career in the Fin-tech industry. Not only will this help them get their desired jobs, but it would also boost their morale to start their own start-ups one day!


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