When is your Credit Card Blocked- 5 Major Reasons!

If you have ever had your credit card reported as blocked, whether in the middle of an online transaction or at a merchant institution, you would have felt some form of embarrassment. What can you do to ensure that this never happens again??

The most effective way to do this would be to become acquainted with all of the many reasons why your credit card may have been suspended. Knowing this will help you take the necessary steps to avoid this from happening again. So, let’s look at 5 reasons why your credit card might be blocked and what to do when a credit card is blocked!

Top 5 Reasons Why your Credit Card has been Blocked!

Technical issues might emerge from your bank's platform or the platform of the merchant with whom you were transacting. This might be due to system changes or technical issues. 

While these are just temporary and your card will be unblocked in a matter of minutes, if you do not tell your card's issuing bank that your card has been blocked, your card may remain prohibited for a longer amount of time.

1. Strange purchase patterns

When the system identifies unusual purchase patterns, banks may suspend credit card authorization temporarily. While this is a security measure designed to protect you by preventing fraudulent card usage, it might be inconvenient if the transaction was completed by someone other than you.

For example, if you generally use your credit card just for local purchases and then use it for a foreign purchase, the system may suspend your card because it feels the transaction is fraudulent. Another example: if your credit card expenditures have never exceeded $1,000 per month in your credit card history, but you suddenly spend $5,000 on it, the system may flag it as a fraudulent transaction. 

It is vital in such cases to call the bank's customer care department and request that the card be unblocked.

2. Customer notification of the change in terms and conditions!

Banks routinely alter their terms and conditions, which are informed to customers by postal mail, email, or by publishing the changes on the bank's website. Customers, on the other hand, are often ignorant of this since they do not read the fine print and, in some situations, do not get emails or mailers from the bank.

3. Payments not made!

If you have not been paying your credit card bills on time, or if you have skipped even the smallest amount due, the bank may have already blocked your card and warned you, which you may have overlooked. At this time, you will continue to use the card and learn that it has been blocked. 

The most efficient approaches to avoid this issue are to pay your credit card bills on time and to read your credit card provider's emails and mailers.

4. Wrong data entry

If you have repeatedly submitted incorrect data, your card may be blocked. This would be decided by the information needed by the business. It's possible that the CVV number, expiration date, or PIN was entered incorrectly. Banks frequently limit a card if erroneous information is entered more than once in order to prevent fraudulent card use. 

The easiest way to prevent this from happening is to be cautious when entering the information. Make sure the numbers are entered correctly and that you double-check your work before entering it into the proper fields. If you can't remember the digits off the top of your head, it's better to physically verify the credit card before inputting the required information.

Because you now understand the most frequent reasons why credit cards are prohibited, you can take the safeguards outlined above to prevent this from happening in the future.

5. Made purchases while traveling

Even if you use your credit card while traveling to pay for dinner at a restaurant or to pick up souvenirs, merely attempting to finish the transaction in a different place may result in an issue with your financial institution.

If you track a lot of credit card activity in numerous locations, your credit card issuers may fear that your card has been stolen (both domestically and overseas). As a result, your credit card issuer may opt to freeze your accounts and prohibit any purchases from being made in order to protect your personal information from being stolen.

Notifying your bank and credit card issuers of your travel plans in advance will assist you to avoid running out of funds while on the road. Making a quick preemptive call to the number printed on the back of your card can save you time (and maybe a foreign phone fee).

FAQs on Blocked Credit Cards

a. Is it conceivable that my credit card would be refused if I provide incorrect information many times?

Yes, if the credit card information is entered incorrectly several times, the bank may suspend the card.

b. If the payments are not made on time, would the credit card be canceled?

If payments are not made, the credit card will be suspended.

c. Is it feasible for my bank to block my credit card if my spending patterns become unusual?

Yes, your credit card may be stopped by your bank if your purchasing habits are unusual.

d. Is it possible to have your credit card blocked if there is a technical issue?

The credit card may be temporarily disabled in the case of a technical breakdown.

e. Can I get in touch with the bank's customer care to have the credit card activated?

Yes, you may activate the credit card by contacting the bank's customer care department.

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