19 Best Premium Extensions of Popup Maker Plugin - Create Conversion-Focused Campaigns

Popup Maker™ is the best popup plugin WordPress has to offer. It is incredibly versatile & flexible. Bend it to create any type of popup, modal, or content overlay for your WordPress website.Popup Maker is a very popular WordPress plugin to create optin forms, marketing overlays & popups. With nearly 300k sites using our plugin it has become the go to tool for anything popup related with WordPress.

Drive More Sales And Email List Opt-Ins Using Popups

Provides a complete marketing popups creation platform which will help you increase sales. Popup Maker is mainly concentrated on the eCommerce segment. Popup Maker pricing starts at $8.95 per user, per month. They do not have a free version. Popup Maker offers a free trial also. 

1# List Building - Boost Lead Generation

Use popups to grow email signups and nurture leads. Embed in forms created in your email service or use one of many form plugins we integrate with including Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, and WP Forms.
  • Auto-opening opt-ins
  • Content upgrade popups
  • Scroll-triggered opt-ins
  • Exit-intent opt-ints

2# Grow Sales - Increase Revenue

Utilize slide-ins and popups to grow your store's sales. With our integrations for WooCommerce and Easy Digitial Downloads and our unique targeting system, you can create per product popups, per product category popups, store-wide popups, and more!
  • Upsell slide-ins
  • Cross-sell slide-ins
  • Cart abandonment popups
  • Pre-sale question prompts

3# Conversion Focused - Get Your Best Results

Popup Maker is designed to get you results. With conversion tracking, built-in call to actions, and a unique targeting system, you can optimize your popups to convert.
  • Target popups to specific pages, posts, or categories
  • Target popups to specific products, product categories, or store-wide
  • Target popups to specific countries, browsers, or visitors referred by specific sites
  • Easily determine which popups have the highest conversion rates

More Reasons to Choose Popup Maker

  1. Unlimited Popups & Themes: Create as many popups and themes as you need for your site!
  2. Unlimited Pageviews & Impressions: No more paying for each pageview or popup impression!
  3. Popup Forms: Create high-converting lead generation popup forms.
  4. Improve Landing Pages: Reduce your landing page's clutter by utilizing popups
  5. Precision Targeting: Target exactly where you want popups to appear. Open popups on specific pages, posts, products, and more
  6. Visual Theme Builder: Customize every aspect of the popup design to create popups that exactly match your site
  7. Auto-open Popups: Allow popups to open on their own immediately or after a delay
  8. Click Open Popup Triggers: Open popups when a site visitor clicks on a link, button, or any other item
  9. Exit Popups: Show a popup when visitors are about to leave your site
  10. 100% Customizable: Customize every detail of your popup from its position to how visitors close it
  11. No Code Needed: You don't have to be a developer to create popups. Popup Maker is intuitive and user-friendly
  12. Images & Videos: Add images within your popups or as backgrounds! Add videos to your popups too

WordPress Popup, Signup Form, Newsletter, Or Subscribe Form [MY SERVICES] 

I've been planning and creating WordPress sites for every five years. With a firm balance, I even have an understanding of monster extend ventures including yet not restricted to a blog, internet business, office, registry posting, position entry, land, and a lot of something else. I work mindfully on Standard, Feel, and Demonstrable skills to convey the correct item for your business. 

I'm a WordPress expert. I'm able to create any kind of popup within 1-2 hours. I can create any popup, any form, add any banner, and checkout payment integration.

My Services:

  • Subscribe form 
  • Newsletter form
  • Sign in/ sign up form
  • Registration or Login form
  • Button click popup
  • Payment checkout form 
  • Paypal Integration
  • Contact form/ Contact form 7
  • Wp Forms/ Elementor pro form
  • Gravity form
  • Exit popup
  • Popup with image, video, google map, and countdown timer.
  • Mailchip Intergration
  • Popup that shows after some time loading website
  • social button
  • Thank you page
  • Custom fields/ Popup maker/ Super forms
  • Convert pro/ Jet popup/ Jet Elements forms
  • Woocommerce checkout form
  • Multi-step form
  • Any kinds of popup
  • All kinds of wp form
  • Add any kinds of image and banner.

Why Me?

  • Delivery within 2 hours
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 200+ Projects completions experience
  • I can get your needs easily
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • 24/7 online support
Still, do you have any questions? FIND ME ON FIVERR

19 Premium Extensions of Popup Maker Plugin

Popup Maker Works Great With All Your Other Favorite and Premium Plugins. Popup Maker makes getting more sales and opt-ins from popups easier than ever! Popup Maker lets you customize not only how your popup looks but gives you full control over how it functions. From event-based triggers & cookies and precision targeting to customizable animations and positioning.

1# Exit Intent Popups

The average site loses over 70% of its users and they never return. Every person who leaves your site is lost revenue. What if you had the power to reverse those losses and turn abandoning users into profits?

How does it work?

Exit Intent Popups use our Soft Exit Detection technology to open a popup at the exact moment a user is about to leave your site by detecting when their cursor exits the body of your website at the top.

Exit Intent popups by Popup Maker are the absolute best way to get increase leads on your site and get users, who would otherwise never return to your site, on the hook for your services or products.

Want to sign up abandoning users for a newsletter, promo, special offer, or survey, etc, and get them on the hook? No problem! Popup Maker works with nearly any newsletter service form and the most popular WordPress form plugins. 100% seamlessly integrates with Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, and Contact Form 7.

Also, this extension comes with settings to enable Hard Exit Prevention, which means your users, when leaving a page, will be interrupted and prompted with an alert confirming that they want to leave the website with a customizable message. Upon clicking cancel (staying on your site), your Exit Intent Popup will appear.


  • Adjustable Sensitivity – We give you the ability to adjust multiple sensitivity settings to fine-tune when your exit popup will trigger.
  • False Positive Detection – Most exit intent popups simply trigger when the user leaves the browser. We take it a step further and detect accidental movement outside the lines. This prevents the false-positive triggering.
  • Custom Cookie Triggers – You can set up cookies to trigger when the popup opens, when it closes or on a manual event using JavaScript.
  • Soft Exit Detection – Detects when users are about to leave and presents them with a unique offer or message to deter them from leaving forever.
  • Hard Exit Prevention – When users refresh, use the back button, or close the tab/browser they will be interrupted and prompted with a customized message. If they choose to stay your popup will be shown.
  • Enable Both Exit Modes – This will enable both soft and hard exit modes, whichever triggers first will disable the other. This way you are sure to get the user’s attention.
  • Hard Exit Alert Only – Same as above except the prompt simply keeps the user on the site, the popup is not shown after the user agrees to stay.
  • Show Users Targeted Offers – Using Popup Makers built-in Targeting Conditions or the Advanced Targeting Conditions extension you can show users a super targeted offer based on any number of conditions, such as the pages content or the search engine they came from.

2# Advanced Theme Builder

Advanced Theme Builder allows you to add background images to different elements of your popup. Add designs you make in PhotoShop or Canva as your popup backgrounds. Use an image for the overlay behind the popup or even as the close button!

Create awesome effects by using .png images with transparency and tweaking the background overlay color and opacity itself. This is the best feature to give your popups that extra something that keeps your users engaged as opposed to looking for the nearest close button.

3# MailChimp Integration

Quickly link your Popup Maker opt-in forms to your MailChimp lists, add merge fields, choose interest groups, start automation workflows & more. The core Popup Maker subscription forms offer a lot of value for free. But if you use MailChimp you can take them to a whole new level.
  • Choose which MailChimp list a form adds the subscriber to.
  • Add users to specific interest groups with multiple targeted forms.
  • Add custom merge fields to your subscription forms.
  • Trigger automation workflows after submission.
  • Enable or disable double opt-in and more…

4# Advanced Targeting Conditions

Advanced Targeting Conditions allow you to target your popups at specific visitors. Customize your offers, personalize your marketing, and get the best results. Advanced Targeting Conditions lets you target specific visitors and create the most effective popups. You have a LOT of power with the Advanced Targeting Conditions. Combined with the Auto Open Feature, Exit Intent, or Scroll Triggered Popups, this becomes an invaluable marketing tool!
However, this is just the tip of the iceberg – Advanced Targeting conditions is a robust tool that allows you to specifically use popups when certain conditions are (or are not) met by the User, Query String, Device, Referrer, Browser, or choose Customize, and use your own Advanced Targeting Conditions with your own custom functions.
New targeting options provided by this extension include:
  • Logged in user
  • User with X role
  • User has commented X times
  • User has viewed a particular popup
  • User has viewed X pages on your site
  • User has spent X time on your site
  • User has viewed X page
  • Query arg exists
  • Query arg equals X
  • Referrer is X
  • Referrer contains X
  • Referrer is search engine
  • Browser is X
  • Defined cookie exists
  • Defined cookies equals X

5# Forced Interaction

Create high performing funnels using Forced Interaction. How it works ? 
  • This extension let’s you disable the close button on popups, and in turn, restricts the ability of users to close popups.
  • By placing a popup with a 100% opacity background and disabling the close button, you can create a very effective funnel and get users where you want them to be.
  • You can use Forced Interaction to restrict content from users or block pages from being viewed by users, plus add some nifty content and forwarding links to the popup itself.
  • Perhaps your website operates  a little differently; sometimes you need need functionality to force users to do another specific act, fill out a form, confirm this, perhaps force a log in, or do any number of actions.
  • Use the full customization set of the Theme Builder and WYSIWI Content Editor and create powerful funnels that perform at the highest levels.
  • Can also serve an effective Welcome Gate, which effectively gives you the ability to build a website while it’s live. Users who don’t hit complete pages will be greeted by a welcoming popup that can’t be closed, but forwards them to appropriate pages. Plus, they won’t be able to see the incomplete pages.
  • You can determine what pages the popup is triggered on using our Targeting Conditions Feature or Advanced Targeting Conditions Extension.

6# Scroll Triggered Popups

Keep users engaged with Scroll Triggered Popups. A Scroll Triggered Popup is another opportunity for the user to continue browsing, buying, commenting, interacting, and more, on your website. Except unlike tradition footers, widgets, and sidebars, Scroll Triggered Popups gives you the ability to market specific material to specific users when they scroll down to a certain point on the page, and you can tailor that point to meet your exact needs.

  • Multiple Triggers – Distance ( PX, %, EM, REM ), Shortcode, or Custom Selectors letting you choose any element on the page to trigger the popup when scrolled on screen.
  • Close When Scrolling Up (optional) – Set your popup to close as the user scrolls back up. Allowing you to show related information near the end of an article or page.
  • Add Any Content – Add shortcodes for related posts plugins, newsletter sign up forms or advertisements related to the current page/post.
  • Customizable Cookie Settings – Set up cookies to prevent it from showing again to prevent your users from getting annoyed.
  • All the Power of Popup Maker – Complete control over targeting, positioning, size, animations & styling with the core Popup Maker plugin. This extension builds on top of this already powerful plugin.

7# Age Verification Modals

Many websites must abide by certain laws and are required to have their users verify their age before they can view the content because that content has been rated for such requirements by it’s governing bodies. These types of requirements are especially common in the Movie, Entertainment, and Video Game Industries. In all of these instances, these systems require hours of custom setup and programming.
  • Trigger a popup to force users to verify their age or redirect them if they fail
  • Adds Cookie Creation Events: Age Verified, Age Verification Failed, and Age Verification Lockout
  • Customize your form type (Birthdate or Enter/Exit) and appearance
  • Lock down your entire site or subdomain using our ironclad technology
  • Prevent links, buttons, or any element from being clicked until the user’s age is verified
  • Comply with local and regional laws and protect users from inappropriate content

8# Scheduling

Add scheduling options to your popups. With multiple schedule types, you can precisely schedule your popups in just a few minutes.

Multiple types of schedules
  • Start Date – Schedule the popup to appear at a specified date & time.
  • End Date – Stop the popup from appearing after a specified date & time.
  • Date Range – Schedule popups for an entire date range.
  • Chosen Dates – Choose specific dates to show the popup on.
  • Office Hours – Choose specific days of the week, and set start & end times for those days.
  • Multiple schedules – Add multiple schedules per popup using our scheduling interface.
Schedule by Server Time – Have a promotion that starts or ends based on server time? Easily schedule your popups to sync up with those times.
Schedule by Local Time – Use the Local Time Zone feature to deliver your popups according to the time zone of the user, not the time zone of your business.

9# Videos

Video Popups converts your normal video embeds into a fully functioning and responsive video player.Combine WordPress Video Popups with the already existing tool set of Popup Maker Triggers, Conditions and Cookies to utilize and implement your most powerful videos like never before!
  • Start the video when the popup opens
  • Close the popup when the video ends
  • Resume the video if it was previously paused when the popup is opened
  • Rewind the video to the beginning when the popup is opened
  • Seek to a specific time in the video when the popup is opened
  • When the popup is closed, pause the video for easy resuming
  • When the popup is closed, stop the video and reset to the beginning
  • When the popup is closed, destroy the video player
  • Adds three new Cookie Creation Events: Video Played, Video Paused and Video Ended
  • Stream videos on demand and cut their load times by 85%

10# Remote Content

Remote Content is content not available on the page already. This could be content from another URL on your site, or another website entirely. This extension offers multiple methods to load dynamic or remote content into a popup in an on-demand fashion, often with just a few clicks.

What exactly can it do?
  • Turn any link on your site into a popup that displays the content from that link.
  • Easily target internal or external links with one click trigger, or specify which using your own CSS selectors.
  • Improve page load performance when using iframes in your popups by loading iframes on-demand.
  • Works with iframe based forms.
  • For videos see our Videos extension.
  • Improve the usability of your blog by opening links to blog posts in a popup without changing pages.
  • Advanced APIs to create your own custom dynamic content popups using the AJAX method.
  • Includes multiple loading icons, or add custom loading icons from many available free sources.

11# AJAX Login Modals

AJAX Login Modals Technology taps into the WordPress User functionality and enables you to create Login, Register & Forgot Your Password Popups without any coding or setup. Simply edit, theme, and call your popup and it’s done! No databases, no forms, no programming. Now supporting custom registration forms with WP Members & Profile Builder plugins.

  • Extends WP Core – When enabled, the standard Login & Registration links will automatically open your Login or Registration modal when clicked.
  • Force User Login – Protect your sites content until users login or register. Combined with Popup Makers targeting conditions, you can lock down one page, the entire site or anywhere in between.
  • Force Login Actions – If you want to prevent users from adding items to cart, clicking a link or anything else, you can use a login modal to interrupt those actions until they have logged in.
  • Login / Registration / Password Recovery Modals – You can create one popup that contains all 3 with a great interface for switching between them, or place each in its own separate modal.
  • AJAX Submission – Keeps your users on the same page, all of our forms submit using AJAX behind the scenes. If there are errors the users gets an efficient notice to correct the issues and try again.
  • Templates – All of our forms and content are generated via customizable templates.
  • Responsive Forms – All of our built in forms work and look great out of the box on large and small screens alike.
  • Translatable – Available in English & Russian already, but fully translatable using included .pot file.
  • Customizable CSS – A complete set of unique classes allow easily styling of your forms, message & errors to match your theme or design criteria.

12# Terms & Conditions Popups

Terms & Conditions Popups allow you to force your users to agree to your terms before they can complete various actions. Accomplish this in just a few minutes for most situations.
  • Add multiple term boxes to a single popup and require they agree to them all.
  • The Force Agreement trigger blocks pages until they agree to all terms you set.
  • The all-new Click Block trigger prevents users from clicking a button, link or another element until they agree to your terms.
  • Automatically click the element that was blocked after they agree to click block terms, for a fluid user experience (UX).
  • Force your users read the entire terms before agreeing to them by making them scroll to the bottom of the terms & conditions box before the checkbox is activated.
  • Multiple checkbox style options to choose from.
  • Customize the terms, agree text, forced read notice easily for each term box.
  • Set a cookie when users agree to all the terms in a popup preventing them from seeing it for a specified time.

13# Popup Analytics

Without proper data, you can’t determine whether or how your popups are truly performing. Having real-time, relevant data is vital to understanding how you can maximize their performance. Popup Analytics delivers statistical data on your popups in the following ways: number of times opened, average time open, conversions, average conversion time, conversion rate and more. Setting up conversions is now even easier. Track link or button clicks, form submissions or your own custom event triggers.

14# Leaving Notices

Keep your website secure and protect your liability with Leaving Notices Popups. Websites such as investment firms, banks, and eCommerce are often required to warn users who are leaving the site. Use this extension with Popup Maker and set up a Leaving Notice Popups in minutes.

15# Aweber Integration

Ever wondered how successful businesses and people can make thousands or tens of thousands of dollars the first day of a product launch? The secret that these successful businesses knows is that the key to successful launches and on-going revenue is a strong email list. A great email service is the popular and useful Aweber. Imagine on your next launch, if you were able to tell thousands of interested people about your new product or service. Building your email list will allow you to do this.

With this extension, you can now easily and quickly add a sign up form to your popups to add users to your mailing list in Aweber. Simply log into Aweber and place the new shortcode in your popup. Then, you are ready to start collecting email addresses from your visitors! This extension allows you to customize all the messages shown to the user including the labels for the name and email fields, the subscribe button, all error messages, and the success message.

16# Secure Idle User Logout

With this extension, you can set the timer to log users out specifically to meet your needs. Once idle users are logged out, a popup will automatically display. You can customize this popup with any content to fit your needs using Popup Maker’s WYSIWIG Content Editor. Plus, use the Theme Builder to match the looks of the popup perfectly to your website.

Prompting users to log in again, displaying a special logged out message, adding forwarding links, or adding extra content are just a few of the ideas you may opt for, but again, you can customize your popup content 100% to fit your needs. When dealing with sensitive data, accounts, pages, and users, security is of the utmost importance. In some situations, it’s imperative users be logged out once entering an idle state (banking websites for example.) Popup Maker’s Secure Idle User Logout Extension handles any of these scenarios with grace and elegance.

17# WooCommerce Pro

The WooCommerce feature will add a variety of WooCommerce specific conditions to use in your popup targeting as well as an add to cart trigger.

It also allows you to:
  • Trigger popups when any product is added to the cart.
  • Trigger popups when specific products are added to the cart.
  • Target popups to only show if the site visitor’s cart contains specific items
  • Target popups to only show if the site visitor’s cart contains a specific number of items
  • Target popups to only show if the site visitor’s cart total is greater than/less than specific cart totals.
This is a great resource to be able to create cross-sell or upsell popups. For example, if someone adds a Bike to their cart, you could display a popup reminding them to get a helmet too.

18# Geotargeting

Need to show the popup only to visitors from certain countries or regions? This geotargeting feature is what you are looking for!

With this extension, you can add new targeting conditions to your popups that allow you to:
  • Shows popups only to visitors from certain countries
  • Show popups to all visitors except certain countries
  • Show popups only to visitors from certain states or provinces
  • Show popups to all visitors except certain states or provinces
  • Show popups only to visitors from certain postal codes
  • Show popups to all visitors except certain postal codes
This Geotargeting feature requires one of these services:
  • IPStack plan (they have a free plan!). IPStack is the market leader in determining locations based on IP Addresses.
  • WP Engine’s GeoTarget Add-on (only supports targeting countries, states, and provinces)
  • CloudFlare’s IP Geolocation (only supports targeting countries)

19# EDD Pro

This is a great resource to be able to create cross-sell or upsell popups. For example, if someone adds a PDF to their cart, you could display a popup reminding them to get a companion PDF too.

It also allows you to:
  • Trigger popups when any product is added to the cart.
  • Trigger popups when specific products are added to the cart.
  • Target popups to only show if the site visitor’s cart contains specific items
  • Target popups to only show if the site visitor’s cart contains a specific number of items
  • Target popups to only show if the site visitor’s cart total is greater than/less than specific cart totals.
  • Target popups to only show if the logged-in user has been a customer longer than a given timeframe.
  • Target popups to only show if the logged-in user has purchased a specific product before.
Using EDD Software Licensing? This extension will also allow you to:
  • Target popups to only show if the logged-in user has a license for a specific product.
  • Target popups to only show if the logged-in user does not have a license for a specific product.
  • Target popups to only show if the logged-in user has a license for a specific product that is expired.
  • Target popups to only show if the logged-in user if their license is expiring within a set number of days.
Using EDD Recurring Payments? This extension will also allow you to:
  • Target popups to only show if the logged-in user has a subscription.
  • Target popups to only show if the logged-in user has a subscription for a specific product.
  • Target popups to only show if the logged-in user does not have a subscription.
  • Target popups to only show if the logged-in user has a subscription renewal payment within a set number of days.
Using Easy Digital Downloads – Reviews? This extension will also allow you to:
  • Target popups to only show if the logged-in user has not left a review, optionally for a specific product.
  • Target popups to only show if the logged-in user has left a review.
  • Target popups to only show if the logged-in user has left a review greater than a set minimum rating.

Need Help to Design WordPress Popups

Are you looking for someone to create or design elegant pop-ups or form for your website? You are at the right place.
I am a wordpress expert with multiple years of experience and can get your needs efficiently.

Here what you get:

  • Contact form 
  • Gravity form 
  • Survey form 
  • Subscribe form 
  • Pop up form
  • Newsletter / opt in form 
  • Elementor pro form
  • Multistep form 
  • Lead capture form 
  • Mailchimping 
  • Price table
  • Responsive to all device
  • Any kind of customized form 
  • Checkout form 
  • Sign up form 
  • Thank you page
  • Pop up video
Still, do you have any questions?  FIND ME ON FIVERR


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