27 Ait-Themes Wordpress Plugins - The Best Solution for Business, eCommerce, and Content websites

Are you looking for the best AitThemes club themes for your WordPress and WooCommerce website? It is an inspiring WordPress solution for Business, eCommerce, and Content websites. Premium theme and plugins that help you create amazing website content. Run successful projects with premium support.

Citadela products

Citadela is a modern and modular Gutenberg solution for business and directory websites. Be ready for the WordPress evolution. One theme and three plugins are all you need to make a successful website.

Citadela Plugins

Citadela plugins are premium WordPress plugins that extend the functionality of your Citadela website. Those are WP plugins that add new WordPress blocks, front end and back end features. By using them, you can easily alter the appearance of your website. Also, you can customize the design and reorganize the elements (blocks) on each page. As a result, you can create a much better and more useful site for your web visitors.

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27 Ait-Themes Plugins You Should Know

Citadela Pro plugin only works with our Citadela WordPress theme. Other Citadela plugins, however, work with any modern theme built for blocks. If you, for example, would like to use Citadela Listing on your existing website without switching to the Citadela theme, install the plugin and start using it.
  1. AIT Advanced Filters 
  2. AIT Advanced Search
  3. AIT Announcements Bar
  4. AIT Citadela Blocks
  5. AIT Citadela Directory
  6. AIT Citadela Pro
  7. AIT Claim Listing
  8. AIT Comments Extension
  9. AIT CSV Import / Export
  10. AIT Directory Migrations
  11. AIT Easy Admin
  12. AIT Elements Toolkit
  13. AIT Events Pro
  14. AIT Food Menu
  15. AIT Get Directions
  16. AIT Infobar
  17. AIT Item Extension
  18. AIT Item Reviews
  19. AIT Languages
  20. AIT PayPal Payments
  21. AIT PayPal Subscriptions
  22. AIT Permissions Manager
  23. AIT Quick Comments
  24. AIT Shortcodes
  25. AIT Special Offers
  26. AIT Stripe Payments
  27. AIT Subscribe Form
Citadela Pro Plugin is a native extension of FREE Citadela WordPress Theme. WordPress customization plugins, as mentioned before, add more options and settings into your WordPress editor and admin panel. Using the Citadela Pro plugin, you can modify the Citadela WordPress theme and create a perfectly unique website every time. Citadela Pro plugin also adds styling options for other Citadela plugins such as Citadela Listing and Citadela Blocks.

What can I do with Citadela Pro?

Citadela Pro plugin strictly follows all WordPress rules and only uses standard features. Let’s have a look at Customize screen. Following the sidebar on your left-hand side, you can make various changes to your website appearance. Also, you can preview all changes in real-time before publishing them.

Site identity

The first thing you come across in the customizer is Site Identity. As the title suggests, this section will help you define your website. It’s essential not only from the web design point of view but from every other aspect too. Site identity tells your web visitors who you are and what you do, imprints the first impression and strengthens branding.

Site identity covers four crucial elements of your website:

1# Logo

Appearance > Customize > Site identity > Select Logo is how to add logo to WordPress website. Make sure your logo is high quality and right dimensions with regards to your chosen theme and home page layout.

2# Site title

Site Title is usually the name of your company. If the name is already clear from your Logo, you can use the site title field to emphasize your short branding message.

3# Tagline

Fill in the tagline to clarify the purpose of your website. Alternatively, leave this line blanc – less is sometimes more, especially when you’re aiming for airy web design.

4# Site icon

Site Icon or Favicon is another branding detail that matters a lot. Make sure to use it. Upload your favicon by clicking the “Select site icon” button.


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