7 Best Free PCVR Games You Don’t Know About

The majority of PCVR users are aware of the greatest games available on our platforms. But now I'm here to show you several games that you might not be aware of on the SteamVR platform that are also free VR games.

This is due to the fact that SteamVR has significantly fewer constraints than other platforms when it comes to adding games to its catalog, and it lacks a testing platform like the Oculus App Lab.

As a result, the catalog is brimming with outstanding games from independent firms that sometimes go overlooked among an overabundance of uninteresting or repetitive titles.

The best free PCVR games

It should be noted that all of the games in this article will be from the SteamVR platform, and I will try not to include those that are well-known, as the goal is to bring attention to those who are little-known but deserve to be played.

1. Battle Arena VR

If you appreciate shooting games, Battle Arena VR will give you a frantic experience in exciting multiplayer games with up to ten players per game.

What distinguishes this game from the thousands of others in the SteamVR collection is its inventive scrolling technique, which employs hooks to provide a strong point to the action while simultaneously drawing a lot of attention to itself.

The game's graphic quality is pretty simple, as it is driven by the same graphic engine as other games such as Crisis Vrigade 1, however it stands out for its playability, which should be noted as a drawback.

2. Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing

We've all fantasized about owning our own ship or spaceship with a crew to issue orders to and compete with other ships.

Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing combines these two ideas and puts us in the shoes of a flying ship captain, where we must form alliances, assaults, and betrayals in order to be the last one standing.

This game was once a paid game, but we can now find it for free. It features VR compatibility, but you don't need a viewer to enjoy it.

3. Koliseum Soccer VR

After confinement and protective measures, you will undoubtedly miss going to the arcade or the pub and playing a few games of foosball with your pals.

Today is your lucky day because Virtual Reality offers experiences for everyone and for everything. Thanks to Koliseum Soccer VR, you can now play some decent foosball games in a virtual setting with fairly good physics.

And if you don't have any pals, don't worry because this game recently included the ability to play against bots and was named the greatest entertainment game of 2018.

4. Eye of the Temple: First Steps

If you like puzzles and exploration games, you'll like Eye of Temple: First Steps. It's one of the best free PCVR games since we can walk about and it adapts to our guardian system.

In Eye of the Temple, you can experience yourself as Indiana Jones on one of his adventures by using your whip to solve riddles or break pots and dodging countless traps!

Because RoomScale games do not contain any form of Teleport, the camera turns, or anything else that takes us out of the experience, we do not require a 360o track to play the game successfully.

5. Propagation VR

If you prefer spending time in tension with your Virtual Reality viewer and are a fan of adrenaline, Propagation VR is one of the experiences that has so far shown to be the most satisfying for your needs.

And is that this game immediately puts us on high alert; it is astonishing how far this game outperforms other products in the newer zombie genre, such as Zombieland, and it is entirely free.

You can also play with a friend to distribute the pain and better deal with the terror if you buy the game's DLC, which provides the option of participating in its multiplayer campaign.

6. Runes: The Forgotten Path

Runes: The Forgotten Path is a terrific game that will make us feel like true magicians owing to its immersive conjuration system that uses hand movements across the runes to conduct spells.

We will play the part of a magician imprisoned in Oblivion, a magical prison that puts you in an endless sleep and causes you to lose all memories; our goal will be to escape and retrieve all of our spells.

This game has a terrific campaign mode and gameplay, but you will only be able to enjoy it fully if you have intermediate or advanced English language skills.

7. Glyph VR

Glyph VR is a creative platform game that gives a breath of fresh air to people who are bored of playing typical Virtual Reality games. It's an exhilarating and imaginative game that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

The goal of Glyph VR is to navigate our way through the environment by controlling the actions of a mechanical beetle that can morph into a ball or fly in order to avoid the numerous obstacles that we will face along the way.

Leaving a score that your friends can seek to beat if they want to win is necessary in order to complete non-linear maps in the least amount of time feasible while gathering the most number of relics possible.

What do you think about these free PC Virtual Reality games? Have you heard of any of these games? Please do not forget to provide feedback.

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