Apple VR Delayed to 2023- Here’s all you need to know!

Apple would have been forced to postpone the release of its virtual reality viewer, which now has a projected launch date of 2023 instead. Due to overheating issues with the device, this device is not suitable for the general public. Additionally, it appears that Apple has suffered a brain drain of over 100 employees who have ended up working in Meta's virtual reality division.

What is the reason for Apple's VR launch being postponed?

This week, according to the digital newspaper Bloomberg, Apple has informed suppliers that their Mixed Reality viewers would not be ready for release this calendar year.

In June, the World Developers Conference was held in San Francisco, and it was reported that Apple planned to introduce their viewer at the event. However, difficulties with overheating, cameras, and software have pushed this project back to 2023, though it may be announced as early as the end of the year.

More Power Equals More Heat!

According to Min-Chi Kuo, an Apple expert, and well-known information leaker, this headset would be equipped with a processor that would be comparable to the M1 for Mac computers.

Because of the difficulty of packing a laptop processor into an ultra-lightweight gadget, there have been reports of overheating. This makes sense. Although this processor's efficiency is outstanding, it consumes far more power and generates significantly more heat than the mobile CPUs utilized by the Quest 2.

Nonetheless, if Apple succeeds in its goal, it will be able to offer a significantly superior viewer than the one announced by Meta in its next viewer, Project Cambria, although it is unclear as to what SOC will it carry.

How's the viewfinder working out?

A report from the information media "The Information" in February 2021 claimed to have seen photographs of the viewer prototype that Apple was planning to introduce. Using elastic bands and mesh to adhere to our faces, we could see a beautiful, slightly curved, and rather lightweight visor in the image that he showed us. Min-Chin Kuo also informed us that the first generation of these prototypes weighed approximately 300 grams and that the second generation will be even lighter.

Apple's viewer will be built to work with both virtual reality and augmented reality, and it will have 4K OLED screens with high-quality color. However, we do not know whether it will include integrated technologies such as high dynamic range (HDR) to provide additional contrast in Virtual Reality. Also rumored is that it will be equipped with eye-tracking technology, which will allow it to display only the foveal area in full resolution and thus optimize image processing.

Given that this device would have more than 12 cameras, it is possible that this is yet another reason why Apple has been forced to delay the release of its virtual reality headset. Since these cameras would be in charge of converting the real world into high-resolution Mixed Reality to enable hand tracking and a high-quality passthrough for Augmented Reality, they would need to be extremely high-resolution.

Along with all of this, we should mention a new generation of Pancake lenses, which are regarded as some of the highest quality lenses available on the market, despite their expensive manufacturing costs.

Apple's brain drain has shifted to Meta!

According to a report published last month in The Wall Street Journal, Apple is letting go of approximately 100 people. This footage was shot by the Virtual Reality branch of Meta (Oculus), where the team will now be tasked with developing Virtual and Augmented Reality projects. 

The fact that Apple has already hired several key personnel from Meta's leadership for its various divisions should not be overlooked, though.

What will the price of Apple's viewers be?

Apparently, according to a Bloomberg story, the price of Apple's headset will reach the US$2,000 mark. Apple expects to sell up to 10 million devices in the first year of the viewer's life, despite the fact that the pricing is prohibitively expensive. According to Qualcomm's CEO, the Meta Quest 2, which has an MSRP of €349 and is expected to sell between 5 and 10 million units in 15 months, is a far more affordable option.

The Bottom Line

Apple is globally renowned for its world-class technology and awesome innovations. However, keep this factor in mind that Apple too, despite being a humongous brand has failed several times and that too miserably with their products. And what next, Apple quietly moves the product out of the customer's view! Could you remember one such case? Yes, it was with the wireless charging pad.

However, we hope that their view finder makes it to the launch. Since difficulties are huge and the heating issues are a real pain in the a**, so it's pretty unclear as to whether or not they would still go with the same concept. But fingers crossed! Hope we see Apple’s viewfinder so that there is a sustained competitor in the market unlike Meta, which seems to gobble the whole marketplace on its own. Moreover, due to the presence of an M1 chip, this VR gear looks much more promising than Oculus and HTC models.

So, do you believe Apple will be able to release a viewer with a processor comparable to that of a laptop? And will it be able to sell ten million units at that price? Don't forget to leave a remark if you have one.

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