Beat Saber Review: How Beat Saber stands out from the crowd?

They certainly didn't expect a debut like this; a worldwide success that also penetrated the mainstream imagination with Jimmy Fellon willing to propose to Brie "Captain Marvel" Larson during one of his battles with his talk show's VIP guests. In short, one of those accomplishments earned him the moniker "predestined," creating probably unrealistic expectations for all of his subsequent work. This is what happened to Beat Games, the small development team that created Beat Saber, one of the most popular virtual reality games not only among the virtual reality enthusiast public but also and especially among the casual ones, those who, let's be honest, make you sell the product. A success that is similar to what happened with Wii Sports, a title that contributed to the Nintendo Wii's huge success.

Beat Saber is a rhythm game that is accessible on almost all virtual reality platforms, but Quest takes the top spot due to the portability of the stand-alone Oculus headset.


The gameplay is simple and immediate, which may have contributed to its success: holding two lightsabers of different colors, one blue and one red, you must make slices, cutting them in the indicated direction, the cubes of the color corresponding to the sword, which shoot at you to the beat of the music.

Accurate calibration of difficulty levels.

The game is kept fairly simple in the early stages, which is useful for familiarising yourself with the control system, and then becomes increasingly complex as you progress through the levels: the speed and density of the cubes increase, the indications in the direction of the cut disappear, and the position of the cubes changes at the last moment. Obstacles begin to surface, forcing you to move, stand sideways, or kneel; bombs, penalties, timers, and multipliers enter the picture, and the title transforms into something far more dynamic and competitive.

At the end of your performance, you will be given a score based on the number of failures, flaws in the cut, and even the style and precision with which you performed the fine art of cutting things. This is the aspect that we liked the most about Beat Saber, its ability to perfectly draw a difficulty curve accessible even to those who normally have nothing to do with games, in the early stages of the game, and then transform, if so in an extremely punishing title that requires dedication and a lot of practice to be "tamed". A dedication, however, that you will be happy to give it, taking into consideration the immense pleasure you get from cutting objects.

With lightsaber shots.

The enjoyment is also enhanced by music that, while slightly repetitive, is highly fascinating. Indeed, when the game grants you a few breaks, you'll find yourself dancing with a "lightsaber" in your hand.

There are only three game modes: Campagna, which allows you to deal with all of the possible variables in the game; Free Game, which allows you to play individual songs with personalized settings, multipliers, and penalties; and Multiplayer, which allows you to challenge your friends to beat your score when passing the viewer.

Original Soundtracks.

Beat Saber's enormous success is thus defined by an original soundtrack of the highest caliber that responds organically to the progressive increase in difficulty. The number of songs in the regular version, on the other hand, is quite restricted, and after a while, you'll find them a little tiresome. Fortunately, the store is brimming with more or less well-known songs, which may be purchased singly or in expansion packs, and are all just as entertaining and well-studied as the originals. There is music by Imagine Dragons, Timbaland, and Green Day, among others, but there are also tracks by lesser-known artists or songs written particularly for the game.

We emphasize FitBeat, a piece designed to exercise you and get rid of the yeast and calories that we have all mistreated these days, as one of those that are keeping us busier these days of quarantine (a little advice, put on seat covers for your Quest, You will need it). The pricing of individual songs is possibly the only negative point; $1.99 is a lot when you consider that the pack with 6 songs can be purchased for around 12 dollars thanks to the store's frequent promotions.

Best Feature: Level editor.

Beat Games took it upon themselves to save our wallets by introducing one of the community's most requested features: the level editor. This new feature allows users to contribute their favorite songs, as long as they have already been converted to Wav and OGG format, and turn them into excellent soundtracks for Beat Saber. The level editor, which is only available on PC for obvious reasons, allows you to not only work on blocks, obstacles, bombs, and general difficulty but also to personalize environments with different lights and colors. Projects can be stored and viewed in your viewer.

Unfortunately, this form of personalization is not for everyone: creating a single part might take several hours, and not everyone is willing to invest their time in this manner. Furthermore, due to copyright issues with specific tracks, it is hard to transfer levels between users, effectively limiting the use of the intriguing tool to a very small number of people. As long as you intend to respect the condemnation ban, this is obvious: in fact, the amazing Beat Sabers community has already discovered a means to add user-customized tracks to your library, but this is a subject that, as you can understand, may not be the subject of this review.


From a technological standpoint, Rhythm Saber is a kaleidoscopic burst of colors and shapes that accentuate the automatic and pleasurable gesture of slashing things to the beat of the music. The Oculus Quest is a great home for such a game because it does not require tremendous computing power, but rather a freedom of movement and tracking accuracy, which the standalone Oculus device excels at.

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