DEMEO VR Game - A Complete Review and Analysis!

Acron, Attack of Squirrels, Angry Birds VR, Cook-Out, and Carly and the Reaperman are just a few of the products that Resolution Games has developed for Virtual Reality. At this time, they have collaborated with DEMEO to bring nostalgia to the world of Virtual Reality. Classic role-playing game based on the popular board game Hero Quest, this title is a must-have for any RPG fan!

Is it, however, as excellent as everyone claims it to be? In this post, we will attempt to dissect the various components of this game point by point in order to get the most objective conclusion that is feasible. As previously said, DEMEO is primarily intended for multiplayer games with up to four simultaneous players, allowing us to either construct our own room and invite our friends, or create and join public rooms to play with random strangers.

As well as multiplayer modes, there is a single-player mode called "Skirmish" in which the player will have control of three champions, each of whom they can control in their own turn.

The bell

There is currently only one campaign mode in the game, titled "The Black Sarcophagus," which is available. The Elf Queen's corrupt spirit will be our adversary in this adventure, and we will have to overcome her influence. Similar to the classic Dungeon Crawler games, our objective will be to explore dungeons that will have three levels to explore. 

In the first two, we'll have to look for the person who has the key to the next floor in order to proceed. And in the final block, we will confront what is known as the Final Boss of this section; only when we have completed the three floors (or defeated the Final Boss), will we be able to count the experience we have gained.

Duration of the Game

A special mention should be made of the fact that it is impossible to save a game between levels, which is the first negative element to be discussed. As a result, if we want to get the full experience, we must continue to play until the phases are completed. Due to the procedural nature of the maps, campaign length may vary (they change with each match). The time it takes to accomplish a single level can range from 5 minutes if we find the key and the door fast to more than 30 minutes if we take our time and play till we complete that portion.

Our own experience has been that we have played approximately 8 games, with the average duration of all of them being little more than 2 hours for the three instances that must be completed.


The goal of this kind of game is not only to put an end to the life of the dungeon boss, but also to find gold and treasure along the way. It's no different with DEMEO in this regard. During our visits, we will have the opportunity to gather gold that will be found on the ground as well as chests containing cards that will be indicated on the board with a blue sign. "Points of interest" are the blue points that appear on the map, and all of the gold that is collected in the instance is distributed among all of the players who are taking part in the game.

When we defeat adversaries, they reward us with a sequence of points, which we can discover at the end of our skills menu. Once we reach 100 points, they will offer us a card containing a new skill or object for each player to use. Finally, we can redeem our gold by completing a dungeon floor in "Klepto's emporium", which will offer us additional skills or let us purchase cards that we do not already have in our inventory if we do want.

Once the game session has concluded, whether we have emerged victorious or have suffered a humiliating defeat, the experience we have gained will be added to the experience we have already gained, allowing us to unlock items that we will see later.


Every turn, players have two action points that they can use to perform basic attacks, use some abilities, or move around the dungeon. In addition to their unique skills, each of these heroes have a set of general talents that will be represented by cards in our left palm. A further feature of these cards is that they contain an indicator at the top that tells us how many action points it consumes.

The characteristic skills of each person can be utilized again whenever we have a turn available, but the rest will be consumable, and we will have to eliminate adversaries in order to obtain another skill from them.

Comfort and freedom of movement

This is one of DEMEO's advantages, as it can be customized to work with any sort of Virtual Reality player. Because it is a static map, comfort is maximized, and it is virtually impossible to experience nausea or dizziness while using it. Through the use of the "Grab" buttons on our Touch controller, we will be able to maneuver around the board by pulling and pushing the stage with our fingers. Furthermore, by pressing the buttons on both of the controls at the same time, we may make the board larger or smaller to our specifications.

Finally, if you have neck problems or simply get bored of looking down, DEMEO has implemented an option that allows you to tilt the board forward or backward by pushing the right joystick forward or backward on the controller.


Now, let's take a quick look at the aesthetic changes between the Oculus Quest and SteamVR versions of the game. Which, to be honest, is a lot less than we had anticipated. In the first place, the graphics quality of all of the props and figures is superior in the SteamVR version, which is to be expected; nonetheless, the Quest version is not awful at all.

The Bottom Line

In terms of Virtual Reality games, Resolution Games never disappoint; in this case, DEMEO is one of the best Virtual Reality games that we have seen in the previous year, in spite of the game's limited content. 

Unforgettable entertainment, with a high replay value, thanks to its procedural maps and the strong assurance that its content will be expanded as soon as possible. The desire to earn rewards, on the other hand, will encourage us to continue playing the game with our friends or by ourselves.

DEMEO is available on the Steam platform for €24.99, while it is available on the Oculus Quest platform for €29.99, with the distinction being that when it is released on the Oculus PC platform, it will support Cross-buy, allowing us to purchase it on both platforms for the same price.

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