How does Virtual Reality (VR) provide you with the opportunity to design your dream home?

Everyone has a mental picture of their perfect home that is so vivid that it can be envisioned down to the slightest detail. Sometimes we are able to bring this vision to reality, but most of the time we are forced to make do with what is available in the present. Virtual reality applications will soon allow every prospective homeowner to design their dream home and have it built exactly how they want it.

In reality, the initial moves have already been taken in the right direction. Architects can plan structures down to the slightest detail, including how natural light will reach each room, thanks to advanced virtual reality technologies. Even before the foundation hole is excavated, clients can obtain a clear image of the project's overall scope.

1. Virtual home model is more accurate and less expensive than scale models!

Customer convenience and cost-effectiveness are two factors that favor the use of virtual reality applications to demonstrate a proposed house design to them. Companies involved in the design and construction of homes have reported that creating a virtual reality model of a project can be up to ten times less expensive than creating a true scale model of the project with furnishings and décor as required by clients.

Potential purchasers can explore the layout in detail by watching and walking through the digital model using virtual reality apps. They can even adjust the fireplace and add or remove doors and windows. The capacity to make changes to the plan before the building phase will almost surely result in lower construction costs and faster completion of the project than would otherwise be the case.

2. Every tiny thing has its proper location!

HTC VIVE is one of the major companies that is aggressively promoting the use of virtual reality in a wide range of industries, including the entertainment industry. In collaboration with Immersion, the VR headset manufacturer developed the TrueScale software, which allows users to decorate their homes with a range of goods, including a Christmas tree, in virtual reality.

Decorators and interior designers will not be out of jobs as a result of this development. The opposite is actually true: virtual reality applications will provide them with new and powerful tools to translate the vision and ideas of their clients into the most realistic representation imaginable. Some of them even empower the users themselves, allowing them to experience themselves as designers and to explore on their own time and in their own way. Virtual reality is the only way for architects, interior designers, and clients to fully determine whether a design matches the intent, capacity, and requirement of the client.

Neither a sketch of the dining room nor its representation in AutoCAD will be able to convey to the customer an impression of the presence or absence of the elegance and style that he is attempting to achieve through the design process. The same may be stated for a meeting space that will be used for very critical business meetings. Only by walking directly through the space will the customer be able to get a sense of the setting in which the furnishings, finishes, and colors are placed.

3. There will be no awkward corners or mismatched furniture!

Home planning and interior design are two fields where virtual reality is the final frontier in terms of customizability. All errors can be identified before the room is completed, rather than after it has been completed. Rather than dragging a heavy cabinet from one corner to the other, all furniture placement choices can be tried with a single mouse click. Everyone will be able to create a home that is completely customized to their preferences in terms of architecture, furnishing style, and interior design.

Furthermore, if the retail store does not have the appropriate furnishings, it will be possible to render and then custom-make interior pieces to ensure that they fit exactly into the space that has been set aside for them.

Remember that the goal of new technologies is to make our life easier, safer, and more fun, not the opposite. The capacity to design and build your own dream home is a logical progression. And, because of the development of designer virtual reality applications and tools, it will become widespread even sooner than we may imagine.

The Bottom Line

Since we all know that virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is the future and by 2040, we expect to see all full-fledged applications for VR. Hence, it's no wonder that now we are able to plan out interior details to the finest corner. This has only been truly possible due to the heavy R&D done by HTC and Oculus (Moreover Facebook). People might wonder now what are the real conveniences of designing your home with VR. Well, let's jot down the most important points.

  • People will be able to review the live decoration without even having to spend a single penny. Moreover, designers could explain to them live how the finished product would look.
  • Secondly, there would absolutely be no room for error, as every corner would be decided previously.
  • Next, users can provide real-time suggestions to the interior designers and they wouldn’t even hesitate a bit as every small change can be done almost instantly.
  • And the last thing! Users can send their own VR designs and set-ups to interior designers. This way, designers won’t even have to travel to their homes to finalize designs and decors.

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