How to Avoid Dizziness in VR Games- Some Basic Tips and Tricks!

Due to dizziness or nausea, many newbies to virtual reality may be dissatisfied that they are unable to fully utilize their new headgear as much as they would like. Well, today we are going to share with you some tiny methods and tips that you can use to attempt to lessen the impact of this and grow what is known as Virtual Legs more quickly.

Is it usual for people to experience dizziness while using Virtual Reality?

The answer to this topic is dependent on the physiological aspects of each individual; for example, some people have reported no dizziness when using Virtual Reality, while others have reported nausea after simply putting on the headset. In the event that you are a person who is prone to feeling dizzy, you will be more susceptible to experiencing nausea and dizziness as a result of virtual reality technology.

In a highly thorough statistical study published on the VR Heaven website, researchers looked at the elements that cause people to become dizzy and the frequency with which they experienced dizziness in their lives. The good news is that with a few basic tips and tactics, you will be able to utilize your viewer in a matter of days, or at the very least several weeks, without any difficulty.

What causes us to feel dizzy when we are in Virtual Reality?

When we put on Virtual Reality glasses, an avalanche of information is transmitted to our brain through our eyes, but this information does not match the information transmitted to the rest of the body. One theory holds that the immune system recognizes that if there is movement and you are not moving, you may be suffering from probable poisoning, which will result in prophylactic vomiting.

Specifically, when our brain detects movement but is unable to comprehend it properly, it will constantly tend to empty the stomach, resulting in dizziness and nausea. This can occur in the automobile, boat, plane, or Virtual Reality, among other places.

Will my Virtual Reality viewer be able to alleviate my dizziness and make me feel more comfortable?

Motion technologies such as teleportation and blurring are used in many games to help players avoid motion sickness, which is particularly beneficial to newcomers to the game. Nonetheless, we've come to experiment with free movement because it enhances our sense of immersion and allows us to get even more enjoyment out of our VR glasses.

There are various tactics and rules that we may follow in order to train our brain to become accustomed to unrestricted movement in Virtual Reality, which will result in the creation of Virtual Legs and the prevention of future vertigo.

a. If you're having a bad time, stop!

If, during a brief session, you begin to feel ill, break out in a cold sweat, notice that your stomach is feeling funny, or notice that your eyes are beginning to go, remove your headset. Whatever break your body requires, whether it is 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour, you will take it since your brain has just gathered fresh information about Virtual Reality and you must rest.

If you are feeling unwell, it is not advisable to force yourself into a 1- or 2-hour session because the consequence might be counterproductive and you may become scared to put on the headset for fear of being dizzy.

b. Increase the amount of time you spend playing gradually!

For those who suffer from dizziness, it is best not to start with extended sessions of 1 or 2 hours; instead, it is best to start with 15-minute intervals and gradually increase the time over a couple of weeks. Some people will take longer than others, but as a general rule, you will notice that your body gradually becomes more tolerant to the sessions in the virtual world and can tolerate them for longer periods of time.

You will be able to use your Virtual Reality glasses normally in this manner, and you will be able to participate in sessions lasting several hours without experiencing dizziness or nausea.

c. Begin with simple, static games

To begin, we recommend starting with Virtual Reality games, in which we do not need to move but in which our surroundings are entirely movable and dynamic. Consider the game Beat Saber, a rhythmic game in which we will have to cut boxes by moving laterally, which will enable our body to gradually build up its strength and endurance.

Another excellent game, to begin with, is Superhot because time stops if we stop, which means that we can move and stop at any time, which helps to prevent the dizziness from occurring.

d. Move your Feet while Walking in VR!

A method we learned while playing Fallout 4 VR, is a game in which you spend the most of your time walking through the wasteland with a rifle strapped to your back and investigating different locales. It's as simple as staying still in the room while using the Joysticks to move freely around the room, lifting our legs as if we were walking.

As a result, even when there is movement, your brain recognizes that something is moving in your body and we experience significantly less dizziness as a result.

e. At the start, stay away from vehicle games!

Driving simulations and vehicle games are among the most nauseating experiences available in Virtual Reality, causing even the most seasoned users to feel dizzy, even after years of experience with the technology. If you don't want to get dizzy in Virtual Reality, stay away from car simulators.

The Bottom Line

You should start with games that have anti-motion sickness methods installed and in which we drive on a simulated monitor if you are a lover of driving simulators. As a result, we will be able to gradually intersperse sessions between regular and anti-seasickness sessions until our brain becomes accustomed to cars in Virtual Reality and you can fully enjoy your favorite hobby.

We’re curious to see what you think of these strategies for playing Virtual Reality without feeling dizzy. Do you have any tips for staying hydrated and without becoming dizzy?

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