How to Choose the Best VR Glasses - Some Important Points to Consider before Buying!

Suppose you are looking for a new pair of VR glasses! So, what would you consider before buying a new pair? Well, let’s find out in this article, shall we?

1. Immersion

It has been a few years since we first discussed virtual reality, and it has recently been announced that the technology necessary to fully immerse oneself in digital settings has been made available to the general public. Virtual reality glasses are already a widely used tool, thanks in part to the availability of several models in a variety of price ranges on the market, even if some people are still unsure about their benefits. 

A common misconception is that we are talking about gadgets that are only ideal for people who are already fans of video game consoles in the first place, or that it is required to pay tens of thousands of dollars to have a satisfying virtual experience. It is possible to utilize virtual reality goggles and participate in some intriguing activities even if you do not have a large budget in this case. 

There are various distinct applications for virtual reality goggles. One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing virtual reality glasses is the amount of immersion and realism that they have the potential to provide.

2. DoF- Degree of Independence

The degrees of freedom, also known as DoF (degrees of independence), is the number of factors that must be considered in order to precisely establish the location of a point (or, in this example, the location of the user wearing the virtual reality goggles) in space. 

The degree of freedom can be separated into two categories: translational degrees of freedom and rotational degrees of freedom, both of which are measured with regard to the three Cartesian axes. The vast majority of virtual reality headsets are limited to three degrees of freedom (DoF), while the most advanced models are capable of six.

A high degree of independence is critical not only for determining the true quality of immersion in the virtual world but also for greatly reducing certain symptoms that are commonly connected with the usage of virtual reality glasses, such as nausea and dizziness. As a matter of fact, they have the potential to arise both from a low screen update continuity, which it is recommended to retain at a minimum of 60 hertz, and from a deceptive representation of movement.

3. The field of view

When referring to virtual reality headsets, the field of vision (also known as FoV) is a numerical figure that reflects the width of the field of view offered by the headset. This component is particularly essential because it can have a significant impact on how realistic the virtual experience can be. As an example, imagine watching a first-person video from the perspective of a little flat screen, and how out of the ordinary that feels in comparison with what we're accustomed to. 

It should be noted that, at the moment, only very high-end viewers can compete with the human eye, which has a field of view of 220 degrees, whereas most VR glasses have a field of view of fewer than one hundred degrees. Only the most expensive and advanced models can reach 200°, which ensures a far more realistic experience, but which still falls short of our senses in terms of immersion.

4. Resolution

Another component that has a significant impact on the overall quality of the virtual experience is the image resolution. Obviously, this is only a relevant point for viewers who do not require the use of a capable phone as a screen (which is typically the cheapest), whereas in this situation, it is the screen of the smartphone itself that determines the quality. of the photos. 

When it comes to high-end VR glasses, on the other hand, there are two lenses or a single screen made of an OLED panel, which to some part determines the level of realism of the virtual experience, with most achieving a maximum resolution of 2880 x 1600 pixels (1440 pixels per eye) in most cases. 

Furthermore, as previously stated, the continuity of the screen update is critical in order to maintain a high level of realism. Although each and every one of the viewers ensures a minimum of 60 hertz of update continuity, those specialized for gaming can achieve speeds of up to 90 hertz or 120 hertz.

5. Sound

Although the quality of the images is critical to having a virtual experience, the sound effects are just as vital in enhancing the experience. Many high-end VR glasses include headphones that are sometimes removable and of a quality comparable to that of models designed for gamers, which not only allow for the integration of a crucial factor in sinking into virtual reality but also ensure the highest level of tranquility possible while wearing them. 

It is possible to connect any type of virtual reality headset, but because this is a factor that has not been specifically designed for this purpose, it can be cumbersome or uncomfortable, especially during particularly long gaming or exploration sessions.

6. Controls

For those who have used virtual reality headsets before, it's simple to see how important it is to have a companion to help you maintain the most realistic experience possible. However, despite significant advancements in the field of virtual reality goggles, remote controls that allow you to turn individual hand gestures into particular commands in a game or app are still not readily available to the general public in large numbers. 

However, in recent years, technological advancements have enabled virtual reality experiences to be as lifelike as possible. While it is possible to purchase various peripherals for high-end PC or console models, as we will see in the following paragraph, the autonomous viewers and those for smartphones typically come with a small controller that can contain a touchpad. as well as a few buttons that allow you to conduct basic actions

7. Convenience

Given the fact that a virtual reality headset can be worn for extended periods of time, the level of comfort provided by different models should be taken into consideration when shopping. When it comes to investigating the glasses, the dimensions, weight, and materials used in their construction are far more crucial factors to consider.

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