10 Benefits of Banana Peel for Health that are Rarely Known

Not only the fruit, but banana peel also has many benefits. Of course, you can get the benefits of the banana peel by using it regularly. Don't worry, you can wear it easily. The nutritional content of banana peels is generally not much different from the fruit. The following are various nutritional content found in banana peels:

  1. Fiber
  2. Vitamins, including vitamin B6 and vitamin B12
  3. Minerals, in the form of magnesium and potassium
  4. Unsaturated fats
  5. Essential amino acids

Not only that, but banana peels also contain many antioxidants, such as phenolics, flavonoids, tannins, carotenoids, and polyphenols. Banana peels are also known to contain anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial compounds that are effective against bacteria, fungi, and yeast.

Here are the benefits of banana peels for health:

1. Provides Health for Hair

Banana peel can be used to maintain healthy hair. Manufacturers of natural products for health and cosmetics recommend using banana peels as an ingredient in hair masks. This material will make our hair softer and shinier. This is because the banana peel contains antioxidants that can neutralize hair from free radicals and keep it strong and healthy.

2. Caring for facial skin

There are many benefits of banana peels for facial skin health, ranging from brightening the skin, reducing wrinkles, relieving puffy eyes, moisturizing the skin, disguising acne scars, overcoming psoriasis, to removing warts.

3. Itchy medicine

You can use banana peels as an itchy skin remedy, lo. Especially if the skin feels itchy due to insect bites, such as mosquitoes. The benefits of banana peels are caused by the content in bananas. Starting from magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin C, and so on. The trick, stick a banana peel on the itchy skin area for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat this method several times a day. The goal is that itchy skin can disappear faster. 

4. Teeth Whitening

Are you looking for a way to whiten your teeth? If so, try to use banana peels. Banana peel contains high potassium so it can remove yellow stains caused by certain foods or drinks. For example, after you consume coffee or tea. You need to brush your teeth clean first. Next, rub the inside of the banana peel on your teeth for about two minutes, and then rinse your mouth with water. To get maximum results, try to do this every day.

5. Relieves headaches

Cold compresses are one of the most effective natural headache remedies. Cooled banana peels can be a substitute for a compress if you don't have one at home. The trick is to place the cooled banana peel on the forehead and behind the neck.

6. Cure Acne

If you have a pimple that looks watery or has contents inside, using a banana peel can also help heal the pimple. Take a banana peel and massage it on our face every day. Try to allow one week to see the immediate results. Massage your face with banana peels every day until the acne disappears. Do this method 2 times a day to feel the amazing benefits of banana peels.

7. Remove Warts

Although not painful, warts on the skin can be annoying. Banana peel can cure warts and prevent them from coming back. Rub a banana peel on warts or sleep with a banana peel tied overnight on the wart and see the benefits of this banana peel.

8. Disguise Scars

Scars sometimes lower a person's confidence. Especially if it appears on the skin that is easily visible to others. To overcome this, you need to stick the banana peel on the scar for at least an hour. Repeat this method every day so that the scars disappear faster.

9. Prevent cancer

The benefits of antioxidants for health have been widely studied. The higher the antioxidant level, the stronger its ability to ward off free radicals that cause various diseases, including cancer. Raw banana peels are believed to be richer in antioxidants, such as polyphenols and carotenoids. Therefore, the consumption of raw banana peels is believed to reduce your risk of developing cancer. However, this benefit is still limited to animals and needs further investigation in humans.

10. Removes Dead Skin Cells

The next benefit of banana peels is that they can remove dead skin cells on your face. The method is also easy, you know, take a banana peel and puree it until it becomes like a mask dough, then apply it to the surface of the facial skin evenly. Let stand for 10-15 minutes and wash with clean water. Do this every day, so you can get the maximum benefits of banana peels.

That's the benefit of banana peels that are very good for the body. Good luck at home.


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