4 Ways to Use Banana Peels to Become Organic Fertilizer

Banana is one of the tropical fruits that are very commonly found in Indonesia. Bananas are not only consumed raw. There are so many other food creations that are processed from bananas. With its various benefits, banana peel waste is a problem in itself. Besides being able to disturb the view, banana peels that are not immediately stockpiled or thrown away will give rise to an unpleasant odor which is certainly very disturbing.

Therefore, at this time, a lot of research and development has begun to be carried out regarding the processing of banana peels. The most famous is the recent discovery that shows the potential benefits of banana peels as organic fertilizer.

It is known, that banana peels are rich in vitamins and minerals, including potassium. Well, these substances are important nutrients that plants need to grow properly. There are 4 ways to use banana peels as plant fertilizer.

1. Liquid fertilizer from banana peel

Liquid fertilizer from banana peels can increase the blooming of flowers. We simply cut the banana peel to 1 inch. Then, put it in a clean glass jar. Then, fill it with water. Leave the jar in a fairly sunny place for 24 hours. later, the water will turn brown. Use the banana peel liquid fertilizer to water the plants

2. Banana peel for compost

We can also use banana peels as compost. To do this, cut the banana peel into 1-inch pieces. Then, put the banana peel pieces in a compost container.

3. Bury the banana peel on the ground

Banana peels can also be used directly by burying them in the ground. This is an effective way to get nutrients into the soil. Even if we don't have room for compost.

4. Put the banana peel between the plants

When growing staghorn, elkhorn, orchid, and similar plants, place the banana peel between the plant and the supported tree trunk. When placed in a certain position, banana peels are able to gradually degrade and release nutrients when the plant is watered or rained.

Thus the latest information regarding the use of banana peels as organic fertilizer. Besides being able to reduce waste, the presence of liquid organic fertilizer from banana peels is also expected to reduce chemical exposure to agricultural products so that plants become safer for consumption and are also free of pesticides.


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