5 Content of Coffee Grounds Claimed to be Beneficial for Plant Health

We all know that this coffee drink has many benefits, this is why this drink is not only delicious but also has many fans, it is not only beneficial for the health of the body when it becomes a drink when it becomes coffee grounds it still has benefits, one of which is nutrition for plants.

As we know, plants need nutrients that are absorbed from the soil to grow, one of which is nitrogen. The following is complete information about the 5 content of coffee grounds for plant fertility.

1. Nitrogen

The amount of nitrogen and phosphorus in coffee grounds organic fertilizer can help your plants grow faster and thrive. In addition, if you use the fertilizer as a mixture of planting media, it can stimulate faster root growth. How to make organic fertilizer from coffee grounds is very easy, you can make it yourself at home.

2. Caffeine

Naturally, coffee is high in caffeine. This caffeine substance is useful to help plants avoid damage caused by caterpillars or insects. However, the use of this coffee compost is only for plants from soils with high acid content. If it is not suitable, in addition to damaging the plant, it also has the potential to experience caffeine poisoning and fail to grow.

3. Acid

Coffee content contains acidic substances that are useful for accelerating the composting process in the soil. While the soil as a growing medium contains lime which is alkaline. So, it can be balanced because it is acidified with acid in coffee grounds.

4. Mineral

The main mineral content of coffee deposits is calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, and chromium, which are very favored by earthworms. Earthworms that get healthy nutrition can fertilize plants. On the other hand, mineral content is also needed in the process of plant growth.

5. Neutral pH

The pH level of 6.9 in coffee grounds is called neutral. This neutral pH state is an additional source of energy and nutrients to thrive. While coffee grounds compost used on flower plants can produce healthy leaves and brighter flower colors.

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