5 Ways to Make Vegetables Fertile Again, Can With Natural Ingredients

Caring for vegetables is certainly not easy because the slightest mistake can cause the vegetables at home to wither and die. Learning how to care for plants can be a fun activity. When you succeed in making plants thrive, of course, it can be a joy in itself. If your plants start to wilt, don't be sad right

You can fertilize it again with easily available fertilizer substitutes. These ingredients can even be found in mom's kitchen. What are they?

1. Sprinkle seasoning

So far, flavoring is only known to be useful for adding to the taste of food. However, you need to know that flavoring or commonly called vetsin can also fertilize plants. You just needs to sprinkle a little vetsin on the surface of the growing media. Then, water the plants with clean water little by little so that the vetsin seeps into the soil.

You can repeat this method at least once a week to fertilize the plants again.

2. Using onion skin

In addition to flavoring, You can also use other ingredients in the kitchen, namely onions and garlic. You should not throw away the remaining peeled onion and garlic because the onion skin can help fertilize the plant. You need to soak the remaining peeled onion skin in enough water for one night. Then, pour the water on the plants that are starting to wither.

Leave the onion skin in the water bath in the planting medium to make the plants thrive.

3. Using banana peel

Many people already know that banana peels are useful for fertilizing plants, especially plants that have withered or the flowers never bloom. The method is also easy, you only need to store the banana peel for a few days until it looks brown and dry.

Next, place the banana peel in the planting medium to help the plants thrive again. You can also finely mash the banana peel until soft, then sprinkle it every morning and evening on the plants.

4. Spread the tea dregs

The next ingredient in the kitchen that can be used to fertilize plants is tea dregs. If you like to drink tea every morning, you shouldn't throw away the rest of the dregs right away. You can put the tea dregs in the planting medium to fertilize the plants. If necessary, you can immerse the tea grounds into the soil to make it easier for plant roots to absorb.

If you use tea bags, then first open the wrapping paper and sprinkle the pulp on the planting medium.

5. Sprinkle egg shells

For You who likes to eat eggs, don't throw away the shell anymore. Because, egg shells can be used to repel pests as well as fertilize plants.

The method is also easy, which only needs to be cleaned, crushed, then spread around the plant. Plant pests such as slugs will stay away from plants for fear of their bodies being injured by egg shells.

After reading the information above, what do you think? You apparently only need simple ingredients to make plants fertile again. Easy isn't it?


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