Getting to Know Pesticides and Their Types According to Plant Pests

Pesticide is a chemical substance as well as micro-organisms or viruses that are used to prevent pests and diseases that have the potential to damage crops and disrupt agricultural products. Not only pests, but pesticides are also able to eradicate disturbing plants or weeds.

In addition, pesticides have the function to regulate and stimulate plant growth. Pesticides can also prevent water pests other than land pests and nuisance animals such as snakes. Including eradicating animals that cause disease in humans.

Pesticides are all chemical substances or other materials as well as microorganisms and viruses that are used to:

  1. Eradicating or preventing pests and diseases that damage crops, plant parts, or agricultural products.
  2. Eradicating the grass.
  3. Kills leaves and prevents unwanted growth.
  4. Regulate or stimulate the growth of plants or plant parts (but not included in the fertilizer class).
  5. Eradicating or preventing external pests on pets and livestock.
  6. Eradicating water pests.
  7. Eradicating or preventing animals and micro-organisms in households, buildings, and in means of transportation.
  8. Eradicating or preventing animals that can cause disease in humans.

Then the types of pesticides sold on the official market, there are quite a lot. This is because pesticides have the function of preventing different plant diseases. When viewed from the type of target body in the use of pesticides, the types of pesticides are divided into several groups, namely as follows:


The first type of pesticide is acaricide which comes from the word akari which means lice or mites. These pesticides are also often referred to as mitesides. So, when viewed from the root of the language, its main function is to kill mites or lice on plants. In addition, there is also a Pedukulusida which also functions to kill lice or lice.


Next is the type of pesticide Algasida. As the name suggests, algae here means sea algae. While Alagasida has a function to kill and prevent nuisance plants such as algae on farmers' plants.


Alvisida refers to the Greek word avis which means bird. From this we can conclude that this pesticide has the function of killing and preventing birds in the fields. Especially for rice plants when the harvest season arrives and can be detrimental to farmers.


The threat from bacteria to agricultural crops is indeed quite disturbing for farmers in addition to the threat from weeds and pests from animals. So from that to kill and eradicate these bacteria you can use Bactericidal pesticides.


In addition to bacteria, fungi are indeed a threat that can affect the quality of crop yields. In this condition, the type of pesticide that can be used by farmers is Fungicide which has the function of killing and preventing the emergence of fungi and fungi.


To kill and prevent weeds, the type of pesticide commonly used by farmers is herbicide. By using herbicides regularly for a certain time, the plants on your farm become more productive and without worrying about being disturbed again.


The next type of pesticide is Insecticide. This pesticide is well known among farmers. The main function of insecticides is to kill and prevent the emergence of insect pests on agricultural land that can interfere with plant quality.


In Greek, molluscus means an animal with a thin or mushy coat. In other words, if in the world of agriculture, what is meant by this mollusk is a snail. So, Molluscicides aim to kill and prevent snail populations on farmland.

Nematicides and Ovicides

Nematodes in agriculture are no less disturbing as pests. These nematodes can be prevented and treated with Nematode pesticides. As for Ovisida has a function to damage eggs from pests and diseases. An example is the eggs of snails and snails which are usually found in rice fields.


Not always fish in rice fields are profitable for farmers, there are also fish that are felt to disturb other crops. So most farmers use Piscisida, but its use must be at the a
ppropriate level so as not to pollute the surrounding waters and kill fish habitat in the area.

Rodenticides and Termicides

The last type of pesticide is Termicide which functions to kill rodents as pests such as rats. While Termicides also function the same in preventing wood-penetrating insects such as termites.

By knowing, understanding and applying pesticides correctly and wisely, it is hoped that what is the goal of farmers to produce quality agricultural products with optimal results but still pay attention to the principles of sustainable natural balance can be achieved. Hopefully…!!!


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