How to Process Banana Peel into Organic Fertilizer

Fertilizer is the most basic nutrient for plants, after water. If plants get good nutrition from fertilizers, their growth and development will be optimal, the leaves will be bright green, the stems are sturdy, and the roots can absorb nutrients well.

However, the application of fertilizer to plants must also be considered, because the nutritional needs of plants vary, depending on the type. Fertilizers are divided into two, there are organic and chemical fertilizers. Both have advantages and disadvantages of each.

Chemical fertilizers have the advantage of having a quick impact on plants, but if used long-term, they can damage the nutrients in the soil. This is certainly not good for plants. On the other hand, organic fertilizer has the advantage of not destroying soil nutrients, but it takes time to have an impact on plants.

One of them is liquid organic fertilizer, namely liquid fertilizer from banana peels that we can make ourselves at home. The banana peel that will be made of organic fertilizer contains calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, and sulfur, so that this banana peel has a good ability to be used as organic fertilizer. If we use kepok banana peels as liquid fertilizer, then the nutrient content contained in the fertilizer is C-Organic by 0.55%, N-total 0.18%, P2O5 0.043%, K2O 1.137%, C/N 3, 06% and has a pH of 4.5. Here's how to make liquid fertilizer from banana peels for plants:

The materials needed are:

  1. Banana peel,
  2. Sugar,
  3. Clean water
  4. Used bottles
Manufacturing stage:

  1. First, first clean the used bottles that will be used
  2. Second, the banana peel is mashed in a blender. But if you don't have a blender, you can chop the banana peel into very very small pieces.
  3. Next, the granulated sugar is put into the bottle with the ratio of granulated sugar: bottle volume (1 spoon: 250 ml).
  4. The sugar is dissolved with clean water in the bottle (free water volume)
  5. The mashed banana peel is put into a used bottle that already contains a solution of granulated sugar.
  6. Next, water is added to the bottle up to the neck of the bottle.
  7. After that, the bottle can be tightly closed and after that, it is left for more than 7-10 days.
  8. The bottle cap is opened every day to allow the gas contained in the bottle to escape.
  9. Fertilizers can also be used directly on plants after being left for more than 7 days.

In addition, as a substitute for granulated sugar, EM4 can be used in the manufacture of this liquid fertilizer by:

  1. Prepare banana peel and water 1 kg: 1L.
  2. The banana peel is mashed and put into a container.
  3. Furthermore, the EM4 solution is mixed into the smooth banana peel and water that has been mixed well.
  4. This fertilizer is allowed to stand for 3-4 days.
  5. After that, fertilizer can be used by diluting it first, namely 1 L of water diluted with 5 L of water.

For its application, it can be used once every 2 weeks during the growth period. Easy isn't it? Let's use your kitchen waste wisely by utilizing the remaining kitchen waste.


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