Get to know 7 vegetables that shouldn't be consumed every day

Vegetables are usually used as a mainstay of the diet because they are rich in nutrients but do not make weight gain. Although rich in nutrients and vitamins that the body needs, there are some vegetables that should not be consumed every day.

You see, certain vegetables can be harmful to our health if consumed every day! Curious what vegetables we need to avoid?

Let's find out the 7 vegetables below!

1. Corn

Corn is delicious in any dish! Not to mention the corn fills our stomachs, here. Unfortunately, corn is not good if you have to eat it every day. Corn has a very high carbohydrate content and is very difficult for our bodies to digest. Worse yet, there is a sugar content in corn which is quite high, making our blood sugar rise!

2. Potato

Just like corn, potatoes also have a high carbohydrate content. Not to mention if the potatoes we eat are not organic potatoes, because there can be a lot of pesticide residues in them and poison our bodies!

3. Tomato

Tomatoes that are not organic can also absorb pesticides and poison our bodies. In addition, eating too many tomatoes can also make our bodies become inflamed. As a result, we can feel problems in the joints and swelling of the body, you know!

4. Eggplant

Like tomatoes, eggplant can also poison our bodies by causing inflammation. In addition, eggplant also has high calories. Plus the characteristics of eggplant are like a sponge, so it's easier to absorb oil, fat, calories, and salt which makes our bodies even more imbalanced!

5. Paprika

Paprika is a complementary vegetable that we can find in almost every food. Unfortunately, peppers can actually make our bodies inflamed, like tomatoes and eggplants!

6. Radish

Indeed, turnips have very high vitamin C. However, turnips have no other nutrients than other vegetables. In fact, turnips can make our stomach problems, such as bloating. Consuming too much radish can also make our bodies severely dehydrated, you know!

7. Lettuce

Lettuce is really good to eat for a diet or as a salad. The problem is, that lettuce turns out to have lower nutrients than other vegetables. In other words, it's better we don't have to eat lettuce at all than just in vain into our bodies!


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