Advantages and disadvantages of growing vegetables using a self-watering system


In the modern era like today, the need for bottled drinking water consumption continues to increase, resulting in an increasing number of plastic waste that accumulates, besides that it also causes environmental pollution as a result of the impact of plastic waste. how to reduce plastic bottle waste by using planting pots by irrigating yourself or known as the self-watering system. This system was chosen because this method is very easy to manufacture and maintain, as well as being low cost and water efficient.

Self Watering System or also defined as a pot that can irrigate itself, where the workings of this pot utilize the principle of capillarity to maintain the condition of the growing media so that it is always moist. In addition, using a self-watering system is an easy way of gardening and also saves water because you don't need to water the plants every day, just fill the water reservoir every 3-4 days.

The following are the advantages of the Self Watering Plant technique:

there are many advantages can use a self-watering system

1. Saving time.

clearly, in this technique, we do not need to bother doing watering on a scheduled basis. it is enough to check the condition of the water whether it is still there or it is dry.

2. Save water.

why is that? because in one filling of water we can use the water until the water is completely depleted or dry. so no excess water.

3. Maintain the nutrient content in the soil that is useful for plants.

I also think about it when we use ordinary pots. When we water these plants there will be involved the top layer of soil (which usually contains rich soil nutrients) eroded by water caused by watering plants. So, with this technique, we minimize this.

4. Promotes healthy root growth.

in the case of some plants that are planted using the usual technique, they have problems with weak roots (not strong enough to find a water source. Now, in connection with this technique, the roots will be trained to find a water source.

Disadvantages of the Self Watering Plant technique:

1. Stagnant water can be a nest of mosquitoes.

Now. imagine if there is a puddle of water usually there must be mosquito larvae. especially the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. the cause of DHF okay this is scary. but it can be tricked by putting fish such as fish, betta, etc.

2. Only Support certain types of plants.

Until now, I haven't found the self-watering plant technique for trees

3. Many use plastic material as a planting medium.

The point is that we need materials that can hold water. The most likely solution is the use of plastic as a planting medium. but the plastic itself has a bad effect on the soil.

The cost of making is expensive. 

if we make all-new ingredients, it's pretty good for our wallets, 

Interested in growing vegetables at home using a self-watering system?

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