Let's Use Used Bottles to Become Self Watering Pots


To make a Self Watering planter, you can use used materials that are around us. For example, used mineral bottles, plastic paint cans, used oil bottles, spice containers, or other plastic materials. This method is very environmentally friendly because we reuse used bottles/used materials that are usually wasted. But this time you can make a different pot than usual. That is a pot that can irrigate its own plants, or what is commonly called a self-watering pot. A self-watering pot is a container or place for plants that are made to be able to irrigate plants by the container itself automatically. 

Using a "Self-watering planter" is a fun way of gardening, saving water, and easy because we don't need to water our plants every day, just every 3-4 days we fill the water reservoir. We can make our own with materials that are easy to get, cheap, and easy to make.

This time, we will show you how to make a Self Watering planter by using used mineral bottles. 

::: Tools and Materials::

  • Used plastic bottles
  • Scissor
  • Solder

Here are the steps to make it : 

Step #1 Cut the used bottle into 2 parts, the bottle should be cut right in the middle so that later the water and the planting media can be balanced. cut the bottle into 2 parts

Step #2 Make a hole in the bottom of the bottle about 3/4 of the height of the piece which serves as an overflow for excess water, while the top of the bottle has a flat hole that functions as an aeration hole so that later plant roots can be healthy. Drill holes for overflow and aeration

Step #3 Fill the top with planting media, this time I used cocopeat

We recommend that the bottom which will be filled with water or liquid fertilizer is painted or covered with dark material so that algae or moss does not grow easily. 

This pot is suitable for vegetable plants, especially leaf vegetables such as mustard greens, pakchoy, lettuce, kale and others, while for fruit vegetables, you should use a larger container because the water needs are much more, good luck

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