10 Types of Cucumber You Need to Know Before Cooking

This one fruit is known to contain many nutrients. Its delicious taste makes it often used as processed food, drinks, or vegetables. If you eat fried rice, you certainly won't miss the accompanying vegetable, namely cucumber. In addition to fried rice, cucumbers are also often used as pickles for other main dishes. If in Indonesia we only know one type of medium-sized cucumber with green and white stripes, it turns out that cucumbers have many types, you know.

Some are long and some are short. Well, for more details, let's see the article.

1. Armenian Cucumber

Armenian cucumber has other names, namely snake melon or snake cucumber. This cucumber has a long shape with a green color and a paler green stripe. The taste is light and when ripe it will be yellow in color. Cucumber is suitable for eaten directly with the skin or used in salads. A tip for choosing Armenian cucumbers is to choose one that is 11-15 inches long which takes about 55-75 days.

2. Cucumber hothouse

Hothouse cucumbers are called British cucumbers or European cucumbers. Hothouse cucumbers include expensive types of cucumbers because the planting process is usually carried out in a greenhouse. The shape tends to be thin, and smooth-skinned and the majority do not have seeds. These cucumbers have a milder taste and are perfect for salads or canapés. The best option is to choose one that is 12-24 inches long.

3. American cucumber

American cucumbers are called slicing cucumbers. Not too long, green and yellowish at the ends. Cucumber also has a thick skin so it has a longer shelf life. Because the skin is thick, to eat cucumber, it is highly recommended to peel the skin first. The best option for picking these cucumbers is to pick one that is 8-10 inches long.

4. Cucumber Kirby

The Kirby Cucumber is a type of cucumber that has small, small seeds, tough but fresh flesh, and is usually unwaxed. That makes the Kirby cucumber a chef's favorite cucumber. The crunchy and light taste is perfect for making pickled cucumbers. The best cucumber to choose from can be seen from its length which measures 3-6 inches.

5. Cucumber lemon

As the name implies, this cucumber is shaped like a lemon, round like a fist. Lemon cucumbers are yellow when ripe, and have a crunchy and light flesh texture. The taste is soft and sweet so it is suitable for salads, salsa, or eating directly. To choose a good lemon cucumber, choose one that is the size of a tennis ball.

6. Cucumber gherkins

Gherkins cucumbers include cucumbers that have a short size and have another name cornichon. Has wavy skin color and tends to be light green. Cucumber is usually eaten directly, but there are also made pickles or friends to drink bloody mary. For the best pick, choose cucumbers that are 2-3 inches in size.

7. Japanese Cucumber

This Japanese cucumber, also known as kyuri, has the shape of an English cucumber but is longer. Japanese cucumbers are dark green, wavy, slender, and with thin skin. Japanese cucumbers have a crunchy texture and sweet taste so they can be eaten immediately, besides that the seeds are also small. Besides being eaten raw, these cucumbers are usually served as an ingredient in salads, crudité, or sandwiches.

8. Persian Cucumber

Persian cucumbers have a shape similar to American cucumbers although they are longer and fatter. It reaches 10-15 inches in length with a few seeds inside. Persian cucumber has a crunchy taste, dark green skin color while the flesh tends to be light green inside. Persian cucumbers can be served raw as in salads or cooked usually on pizza.

9. Cucumber Suri

I said Timun Suri is the older brother of Indonesian cucumbers. Its size is 10 times bigger than other cucumbers. In contrast to other types of cucumber, which is better consumed when it is still young. Cucumber Suri is actually enjoyed when ripe. Because it tastes sweet. So if in Indonesia, cucumber suri is widely processed as a drink. This suri cucumber is also included in the group of Ramadan fruits. Entering this holy month, cucumber Suri is widely sold on the roadside.

10. Cucumber Krai

Cucumber krai has smooth skin. Green in color with white stripes that are clearly visible. The flesh of the fruit is not too juicy and slightly yellowish in color. In my village, krai is usually used as a salad ingredient. Some people mix it directly while it's still fresh. Some boil it first. The more I come here, it feels like I'm starting to rarely see this krai cucumber on the market. Maybe I should plant it later.

Different cucumbers have different textures, and it turns out that there are many types of cucumbers. Not only for pickles, cucumbers can also be eaten directly or as friends for drinking.

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