5 Benefits of Tea Dregs for Face

Usually, the tea dregs are thrown away immediately after use in one steeping. But did you know that apart from drinking, it turns out that tea dregs can also be used for facial treatments? There are many hidden benefits of tea dregs that are not widely known to the public. Check out the benefits of the following tea dregs:

1. Remove Acne

Have you tried various skin care products but the acne won't go away? It's time to try natural ingredients to get rid of acne, namely tea dregs. The EGCG in tea has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties so that it can get rid of acne gradually. Simply apply the tea dregs on the skin with acne, then let stand for about an hour, and rinse with clean water. Do this simple treatment every day until the acne is completely gone.

2. Prevents Premature Aging

Everyone wants to have firm and youthful skin. Various skin care products with anti-aging benefits can help you have youthful skin. If there are natural ingredients that are cheaper, why waste a lot of money on expensive skincare? Tea dregs are natural ingredients that are effective in preventing premature aging. You only need to use these tea dregs as a face mask every day. Just let the tea dregs dry on the skin, then rinse thoroughly. If you do this treatment every day, your skin will be firmer and free of fine wrinkles. The antioxidant content in tea will improve skin tissue and elasticity.

3. Reduces Excess Oil on the Face

Oily skin will give a shiny impression on the face. As a result, the face always looks dull and makeup easily fades. To control oil production, use tea dregs as a face mask. The content of polysaccharide compounds contained in tea works by regulating the balance of sugar levels that affect the production of sebum glands, which function to produce oil on the face.

4. Remove Panda Eyes

In addition to moisturizing the skin and treating acne, tea dregs can also get rid of panda eyes. Having panda eyes can detract from your everyday appearance. Panda eyes are caused by lack of sleep duration, fatigue, excessive crying, allergies, dehydration, and many more. Maybe panda eyes can be disguised with the use of cosmetics, such as eye cream, foundation, or powder. However, it is better if you can get rid of the panda eyes. Using tea dregs might be a solution to get rid of panda eyes.

5. Cleanses and Cools the Skin

The benefit of tea dregs for the next face is that it can clean and cool the skin. Tea contains antibacterial properties that can be used to clean the face. Use tea dregs to wash your face every day in the morning or before going to bed at night. If you do this regularly, your face will always be clean. Furthermore, tea dregs also contain anti-inflammatory which serves to refresh the face. The method is quite easy, namely by using tea dregs water for the face by compressing it. Use a cloth or cotton swab and soak it in rancid tea water left overnight. Then, apply it on the face as a conditioner for facial skin.


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