Don't Throw it Away, These are 5 Benefits of Tea Dregs for Gardens

If you often consume tea bags, don't throw away the tea dregs! This is because the dregs of used tea bags can be used as organic fertilizers that can fertilize plants. The tea bag dregs contain high nitrogen and caffeine which can provide fertility to plants. In addition, tea dregs also function to repel pests, especially plant-disturbing insects.

Just like coffee grounds, the tannic acid in tea leaves can neutralize the PH content in the soil, this will certainly make plants thrive. Here are 5 benefits of tea dregs for gardening.

1. As a Material for Making Compost Fertilizer

The nitrogen content in tea dregs can be used to make compost at home. Besides having a variety of nutrients, tea dregs can also attract the attention of good bacteria. So tea dregs are good if used for compost. It should be noted, that when friends are going to put it in the container, don't forget to open the bag first. Because these bags can interfere with the composting process.

2. Repel Plant Pests

Ornamental plants affected by pests and diseases? Friends can use tea dregs to overcome it. There are two ways that can be used, namely by brewing and by sowing directly on ornamental plants. For the first brewed method, the first step that needs to be done is to brew the tea dregs with hot water. Then, pour the steeping tea water onto the ornamental plants affected by the pests.

3. Fertilize Vegetables

Tea waste turns out to contain a variety of nutrients such as carbohydrates, minerals, nitrogen, and other nutrients. These three nutrients, it turns out, can be used to accelerate the growth and development of ornamental plants. How to use it, friends only need to open the tea bag first. Then, sprinkle the tea dregs onto the planting medium. In addition to accelerating growth, tea dregs are also beneficial for improving soil structure and feeding worms in the soil.

4. Repel Mushrooms

In addition to repelling pests, tea dregs can also be used to repel fungi attached to ornamental plants. This is because tea contains antibacterial substances, so it can be used to repel fungus. How to use it, mix tea dregs, water, and chamomile flowers. Then, place the solution in a spray container.

5. Make rose plants fertile

Roses are very fond of tea leaves. You can use tea grounds to encourage the growth of roses. This will stimulate the growth of roses so that they flower often.


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