Benefits and Dosage of Giving Vetsin for vegetables

There are various ways that one can do to make plants thrive, one of which is using Vetsin, aka flavoring or Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). Giving Vetsin, or known as Vetsinwith one of Ajinomoto's products, for example, can actually fertilize vegetables. The most pleasant effect is that the plants are more diligent in flowering.

In full, giving Vetsin to plants has the following list of benefits below:

  1. Stimulates plants to thrive.
  2. Speed up the flowering process.
  3. Increases water content in plants.
  4. Plants are stronger against disease.

Of the four benefits, what makes Vetsin a nutritious ingredient for plants? Yes, Vetsin contains glutamic acid, sodium benzoate, and water. These three ingredients can make your ornamental plants productive in their growth.

Well, the nutrients in the planting medium need to be routinely given additional nutrients such as in Vetsin, namely sodium. How to give vetsin to flower plants, including the following:

1. Dissolved in water

A mixture of 5-6 grams of vetsin and 1 liter of water can be sprinkled on plants. Make sure the vetsin is completely dissolved before pouring it. What needs to be considered is the volume of watering of the vetsin mixture on each plant.

Each plant, preferably, only water as much as 100 milliliters of vetsin solution. If it is not optimal, the benefits will not be optimal, but if it is too much it can make the plant wilt and turn yellow.

2. Directly sow

The second way to give vetsin  to plants is directly sown. The dose of vetsin is as much as a teaspoon. Try to sprinkle evenly or not only on one side. By sprinkling evenly, it makes it easier for the vetsin to be absorbed by the planting medium.

3. Spray on the leaves

It is no different from the first method, namely by dissolving the vetsin with water and then spraying it on the plants. The difference is, that this method is sprayed on the leaves. The dose is also different, namely the ratio of 4 grams of vetsin dissolved in 1 liter of water.

Besides providing vetsin to help the growth and flowering process, it is still necessary to give regular fertilizers to the growing media. Don't forget to pay attention to the humidity level of the growing media.


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