6 Benefits of Vetsin for Plants - Fast Growing and Fertile

Vetsin aka Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is known as a cooking ingredient. It turns out that there are benefits of Vetsinfor plants. Because this one kitchen spice contains salt and sugar that can strengthen the taste of food. MSG itself is a type of sodium salt or sodium in the form of crystals and is made from glutic acid. Not only used for flavoring food, but Vetsin is also useful for many plants. One of them is by making it an environmentally friendly fertilizer that can fertilize plants.

The benefits of Vetsin for plants are many. Read more in the following review. 

1. As Plant Fertilizer

The benefit of Vetsin for the first plant is that it can be used as fertilizer, especially for Vegetables-type plants. Vetsin for vegetable plant fertilizer is referred to as environmentally friendly. This is because Vetsinin the form of crystals when dissolved in water will not change the color of the soil.

In addition, Vegetables that are given Vetsin as fertilizer will look healthier, fresher, and have lots of leaves. All of this is obtained because Vetsin contains C, H, O, and Na. 

2. Stimulates Plant Growth

The nitrogen compounds contained in Vetsin are also useful for stimulating the growth of leaves, branches, and stems of plants. The best time to give Vetsin is on plants that are two weeks old from planting. Na or nitrogen compounds in Vetsin are able to stimulate the growth of leaves, branches, and stems. You can give Vetsin to plants that are 2 weeks old from planting. If the plant is fruitful and then given Vetsin, it will affect the taste of the fruit.

3. Make the Leaf Color Greener

The benefits of Vetsin for plants are able to make the color of the leaves greener. The green substance or chlorophyll is made from glutamic acid. So, giving Vetsin solution to leaf ornamental plants (such as love wave plants for example) will make the leaf color greener, fresher, and more beautiful. However, this change in leaf color is not accompanied by an increase in the number of leaves. To increase the number of leaves, other special care is needed and fertilizer application.

4. Disease Resistant Plants

The next benefit of Vetsin for plants is to make them more resistant to disease. The potassium content in Vetsinwill makes plants able to increase disease resistance. Potassium can also regulate the opening and closing of stomata which affect the increase in photosynthesis and metabolism in plants.

5. Fast Flowering Plants

The benefit of Vetsin for the next plant is that it can accelerate flowering. Especially if given to ornamental plants, which are usually awaited flowers. Vetsin can accelerate flowering in ornamental plants and vegetables. This fast flowering process is influenced by the sodium contained in the Vetsin. It is known that if the plants flower more, the fruit will also increase. But keep in mind once again, giving Vetsin is not recommended for plants that are fruiting.

6. Increase Water Content

Vetsin aka monosodium glutamate can increase water content in plants. MSG plays a role in preventing plants from lack of water. So if you give Vetsin to your ornamental plants, then the water content will certainly increase and make them look fresher and greener.

Despite having a series of benefits above, the use of  Vetsin for plants should not be excessive because it can cause leaves to burn, scorch, and dying tissue, especially on the outer edges of the leaves.


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