Coffee Grounds Can be Used as Compost, How to Make It?

Coffee is the favorite drink of almost the world's people. Behind the delicious taste it has, it turns out that the dregs from this caffeinated drink can be used to make compost. How to make compost from coffee grounds is also very simple.

The use of coffee grounds in the world of cultivation is not new, some developed countries such as America and Australia have long established coffee grounds processing places. One of them is the Ground Ground coffee grounds processing which is established in Texas, United States of America.

Content of Organic Fertilizer from Coffee Dregs : 

  1. Nitrogen
  2. Phosphor
  3. Potassium (NPK)
  4. Carbohydrate
  5. Mineral

The amount of nitrogen and phosphorus in coffee grounds organic fertilizer can help your plants grow faster and thrive. In addition, if you use the fertilizer as a mixture of planting media, it can stimulate faster root growth.

Making Fertilizer from Coffee Grounds

Coffee contains nitrogen which is useful in adding nutrients to the soil. As we know, plants need nutrients that are absorbed from the soil to grow, one of which is nitrogen. Here's how to use coffee grounds as compost

First step

  1. The coffee grounds located at the bottom of the glass must be dried and dried in the sun for some time.
  2. After that, you can mix the dried coffee grounds with the soil used to grow plants.
  3. In smaller amounts, especially when mixed with dry ingredients, the coffee grounds will release their nitrogen.
  4. Used coffee grounds have a neutral pH, so there shouldn't be any concern about the acidity level.
  5. pH is the degree of acidity used to express the level of acidity or alkalinity of a solution.

Second Way

  1. Coffee grounds that do not need to be dried, but mixed with water until they are really runny.
  2. The mixture of water and coffee grounds is left for a while, then becomes a liquid coffee fertilizer.
  3. Then give the ciar fertilizer to the plant, it can be watered or sprayed.
In addition to fertilizing the soil, acidic coffee grounds are beneficial for making some plants bloom brighter.


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