Making Solid Organic Fertilizer? see the steps


How to make solid organic fertilizer is important to know for those of you who like to grow crops. The reason is that fertilizers support soil fertility. In the midst of many chemical fertilizers, there are environmentally friendly fertilizers to use. Is compost or organic fertilizer.

Different from chemicals, organic fertilizers are made from organic materials that are safe to use. In the long run, organic fertilizers never harm the environment. Materials that are easily biodegradable because they come from nature. Very beneficial, making the surrounding environment healthier.

In the manufacture of organic fertilizer, of course, it is divided into 2, namely solid organic fertilizer and liquid organic fertilizer. Commonly made in the community is solid organic fertilizer because the ingredients are relatively easy to find. To make solid organic fertilizer, of course, we need several ingredients such as:

  1. Manure
  2. Dry/wet leaves
  3. Local Microbiology or EM4
  4. Bacterial nutrition / Sugarcane Drops
  5. bran
  6. Soil
  7. Water

In addition, we also need tools such as:

  1. Bag
  2. Hoe
  3. Bucket

Now, if you have the above tools and materials ready, we can start the process of making organic fertilizer. Here are the steps:

  • Mix manure and leaves with bamboo kitchen soil, sprinkle with rice bran until evenly distributed
  • After that, mix the nutrients that have been mixed with water little by little until the soil is flat (powdered) (when kneaded it is not watery when it is released the crumbs)
  • Once well mixed, cover the mixture with a sack/plastic. Stir the fertilizer mixture every 3 days.
  • The finished fertilizer will look like mold growth. Fertilizer is ready for use at least 1-2 weeks after manufacture.

So easy steps? So, what are you waiting for, let's start trying to make organic fertilizer now, and let's use it for plants near our house!


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