Here are a series of benefits of Pakcoy, Spoon Mustard with High Nutrition

Not only kale and spinach that can be used as choices of green vegetables for a healthy menu in the family. You can try pakcoy which is no less good in nutrition with a series of benefits to support health. There are some people say this is a spoon mustard, where it tastes delicious, fresh and suitable to be included in the diet menu. The nutritional content is what makes pokcoy quite recommended to support health. Well, for those of you who are curious what are the benefits of Pokcoy. Let's take a closer look in this article.

Pakcoy Nutritional Content

Included in the type of green vegetables with essential nutrients for the body, even those who are dieters highly recommended this type. It's illegitimate when discussing the benefits of Pak Choy not extracting the good content in it. Yes, in 70 grams or the equivalent of a cup of Pak Choy it has some good ingredients such as 1 g protein, 1.5 g carbohydrates, 0.7 g fiber, 5% potassium, 62% vitamin A, 52% vitamin C, 7% calcium, 5% vitamin B6, 3% magnesium, 3% iron. The content is assessed from the overall needs of the body. You can get everything easily to support your health.

Pakcoy Cooking Recommendations for Good Nutrition

Although a lot of content in pakcoy will be useless if the cooking process is not right, it means that it needs its own technique. Pakcoy itself can be processed in several types of delicious vegetables, various spices, and various mixtures. So, so that you don't go wrong in the cooking process, here are some tips:

1. Steamed.

This method is said to be the best than the other methods, that's because the content is said to be able to withstand both vitamins and minerals. But make sure to steam in the right time, generally only need 6 minutes before eating. Make sure before steaming you can wash the pakcoy first thoroughly using running water.

2. Stir-fry.

Often people say that cooking pakcoy by sautéing can make the nutritional content decrease or even disappear. Though this is a good way too, especially if the use of oil is limited only a little. To be healthier, choose the type of olive or canola oil, add protein to complement the body's needs.

3. Boiled.

This method of cooking is relatively easy, just boil water and then add the vegetables. For more enjoyment, you can add other types such as meat, shrimp or others with the right cooking process. Do not worry about minerals and vitamins will be lost because with the consumption of boiled water can still get both well.

4. Baked.

Not only fish, meat, or chicken that can be grilled but also various types of vegetables. One of them is Pokcoy which is considered healthier and easier to digest in the body. With this one process, you can make Pokcoy taste delicious, especially if the roasting is done using quality oil or seasonings.

Tips for Choosing Quality Pakcoy

After looking at the content and how to cook the right pakcoy as above, it is also necessary to understand the selection of quality pakcoy. Because with the right selection of nutrients obtained when consuming will also be more leverage. There are several tips for choosing such as:

  1. Pakcoy is still fresh and not wilted.
  2. Make sure the color is still perfectly green and not yellowed.
  3. Not rotten on the bottom.
  4. Avoid insects or caterpillars that are often found in green vegetables.
  5. Good quality.

Choosing vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, or others properly when shopping is an obligation. Where it will make you get the nutrients contained in each ingredient to the maximum.


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