How to Plant Pakcoy in Polybags or Pots

For fans of green vegetables, you must be familiar with the name pakcoy. Pakcoy is a type of green vegetable that belongs to the mustard family. Pakcoy or pakchoy or pak choi is also known as spoon mustard. There are many types of pakcoy available, for example, red pakcoy, green, white pakcoy, baby pakcoy, and so on.

Pakcoy is one of the many types of green vegetables that are easy and fast to cultivate. Pakcoy varieties are also one of the best-selling vegetable seeds. Harvest time is very short, which is between 30 to 45 days after planting.

Planting pakcoy does not have to be in a large area of ​​land. Pakcoy can also be planted in relatively small pots or polybags. The following is how to plant pakcoy in polybags or pots.

Seeding Stage

  1. Prepare pakcoy seeds, planting media, sprayer, and seeding place.
  2. Sow the pakcoy seeds first. Use a special seedling tray or seedling tray or you can use pots, polybags, or other containers.
  3. Planting media for seeding should be in the form of planting media other than soil, such as roasted husks, compost, or cocopeat. If you want to use soil, make sure the soil is loose and fertile soil, which has been given a mixture of manure (1:1).
  4. Make holes in the planting medium in the seeding container with your fingertips. The depth is about one finger knuckle.
  5. Insert two seeds per hole. The point of these two seeds is, if one seed dies, another one can replace it to grow. For seeding, in a polybag measuring 15 cm can be made into five holes.
  6. Bury the holes that have been seeded by covering them with planting media that is on the lip of each hole. You don't have to press it.
  7. Flush using a sprayer (water spray) gently every morning and evening.
  8. Store in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight.
  9. Keep away from animal disturbances, such as chickens or birds.
  10. Wait about two weeks until the pakcoy grows and leaves two.

Planting Media Transfer Stage

If the pakcoy seed has grown into a young pakcoy (seedling pakcoy), the characteristic two-leaf (or approximately two weeks old) pakcoy can be moved to a larger pot to be planted independently. Prepare a pot or polybag with a minimum size of 15 cm. Use planting media in the form of a mixture of soil and manure (1:1) or you can also use burnt husks.
  1. Fill pots or polybags with planting media. Not too full, not too shallow.
  2. Make a hole in the planting medium right in the middle of the pot. The size of the hole is adjusted to the size of the Pakcoy root mound.
  3. Plant pakcoy as soon as possible after it is uprooted. Be careful when pulling it out, don't break the roots. Use a spoon or shovel to make the removal process easier.
  4. Tap the part of the planting medium around the buried pakcoy roots. Don't be too hard. Its function is, so that the pakcoy does not tilt when doused with water.
  5. Water the pakcoy using a water spray every morning and evening.
  6. For the first week, keep it out of direct sunlight. Keep it in the shade.
  7. After a week, pakcoy pots or polybags can be moved to a place that is exposed to sunlight throughout the day.
  8. Be careful with direct sunlight. Pakcoy leaves can burn because the sun is too hot.
  9. Give fertilizer regularly. Organic fertilizer or manure is the best choice
Pakcoy can be harvested about 30 to 45 days after being planted in its own pot or polybag. Harvesting can be done by pulling it directly from the ground or by cutting the trunk of the pakcoy.

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